Dungeons & Dragons Returns June 19

June 2, 2021

Dust off those dice. Dungeons & Dragons is back!

Events are returning to the stores, and Dungeons & Dragons has the seat of honor as we get back to the tables. Each weekend, we’ll host up to 8 D&D sessions at BOTH Mayfair and North Shore. That’s 16 sessions total.

D&D Saturdays–resuming June 19

D&D Sundays–resuming July 11

We’ll have a table for everyone, whether newcomers to the game, returning veterans, or party members in an ongoing campaign.

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Your Dungeon Masters

We’ve hand selected many of the greatest dungeon masters in our player community to sit at the helm of your table. They’ll prepare each week’s session well in advance so you know what to expect when you sign up at a table.

Event Tickets

Each weekend’s Dungeons & Dragons tickets become available the prior Monday.

Tickets become available here.

Get notified when the events open each week. (Coming soon)

Tickets are $10, 100% of which is returned to your amazing DM in store credit!

Must Be Vaccinated to Play

Players must be MVP members (free to sign up at any Board Game Barrister location), and should plan to submit their fully vaccinated status at least one week in advance using this form.

New to Dungeons & Dragons?

Welcome, new adventurer! Dungeons & Dragons is an incredible group storytelling game, where you and your fellow players will find yourselves on an exciting quest powered by your collective creativity and the fateful rolls of your dice.

You’ll see various labels on the D&D sessions that are available to play each week. Choose one that’s listed as “New Player Friendly” and your Dungeon Master will be ready to provide any needed guidance as you go.

Adventurers League is D&D’s official organized play system. It’s a compelling way to take part in stories that are being played out by D&D players everywhere. Anyone can begin playing in Adventurers League by taking the following three steps: