DM Tip #8: Yes, And…

November 15, 2018

Want to craft better adventures for your players? Of course you do, and for that, you need reasons for everything. “Yes, and” is a classic improvisation technique, where every statement made should be followed with a “Yes, and”. By using this tool, you can come up with reasons why the world is the way it is, why villains do what they do, and so on.

For example…..

“The wizard Donghra has just kidnapped the Duke’s son.”  Yes, and?

“He is demanding a ransom of an ancient family heirloom from the Duke.”  Yes, and?

“The heirloom is actually a key to an ancient portal.” Yes, and?

“The portal is a gateway to a world of unlimited magical energy.”  Yes, and?

“By controlling the portal, Donghra would become the most powerful being in the world.” Yes, and?

“He needs as much power as he can get because he wants to break a pact he made with a demon.” Yes, and?

Players will always have questions, and they will always expect you to have the answers. Using the “Yes, and” tool lets you plan ahead and have as many of those answers ready when they come up. Villains should have a motivation other than just being the bad guy. You want them to be living, breathing beings (well, ok, a lich wouldn’t be living or breathing, but you get the point.)

This simple trick, can go a long way to making your game and the world you all play in better.  Yes…..and?





Andy B

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