Dice Masters Tournament Rules Update

July 21, 2014

Wizkids has announced a much-needed update to the tournament rules for Dice Masters.

Those of you who played in the first month of official Wizkids Marvel Dice Masters tournaments are likely well aware that the published tournament rules were lacking clarity in a fairly substantial fashion. Under the theory of “better late than never”, Wizkids has just published a new tournament rules document (download it here) that now matches much of what we expect in a tournament. In particular:

– 3 points for a Match Win or Bye

– 1 point for a Draw

– 0 points for a Loss

– A sensible end-of-match procedure when time in the round expires (take 5 additional turns, if there is no winner at the end of those 5 turns, the winner is who has the most life; if life is a tie, then the game is a draw.)

We will be re-scoring the first month of the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline event so that those match points are consistent with these new rules.

Gordon L.

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