Date Night? Try a Little Unconscionable Horror to Set the Mood

February 4, 2019

So you’ve got a spicy date night planned with that special someone.

You’ve lit the candles, polished the wine glasses, spread the rose petals in a perfect pentagram, and poured a line of salt around the dining table in an unbroken circle.

The only thing missing is a copy of Arkham Horror The Card Game.


Part Card Game, Part Cosmic Thrill Ride for Two

This steamy game is designed to be played cooperatively with two players, preferably in a dimly lit room and accompanied by crackly Gregorian chants drifting ominously from a dusty record player in the corner.

Choose which talented investigator you’ll roleplay for the night, and cuddle up close as you build decks with exactly 30 cards in them. Ah, to be young and in love again.

Those decks will represent your investigators’ heroic abilities, equipment and allies. Smoking guns, beguiling backalley contacts, and old tomes containing the secrets of the universe that will certainly drive you mad. And yet, you read them anyway, because you have someone to impress, and you know they have a thing for guttural babbling and thousand-yard stares.

After you’ve built your investigators, the story begins. Each scenario you play will carry you gently into the midst of haunting mysteries and extra-dimensional threats. Take your beloved’s hand into yours as you weave imaginative new tales filled with noir intrigue, daring rescues, and tentacles. So. Many. Tentacles.

You’ll struggle together, hunt crazed cultists together, cling desperately to your rapidly unraveling sanity together, and probably die in each other’s arms.

I’m all atwitter just thinking about it.


Grow Closer through the Bonds of Constant Nightmares and Otherworldly Trauma

What happens when the story concludes and the night is over? Why, you can look forward to the next one!

There dozens of story scenarios, each offering a new weekend away in the romantic city of Arkham. Maybe you’ll take a stroll down memory lane at the Miskatonic campus, or get last-minute tickets on the Essex County express. If you’re really lucky, you may stumble upon a volatile dimensional gateway with untold adventures on the other side!

And who knows—years from now, you could have it all: a house that rearranges itself every night, kids with the ability to see the future, and a dog with a couple extra appendages. It could all start tonight.

– – – – – –

In all seriousness, folks, my wife and I have been playing this game for the past couple months, and we can’t get enough of it.

Every scenario brings tense new stories, obstacles, puzzles, and new opportunities to talk through creative solutions and celebrate our narrow escape. And yes, there are a lot of tentacles, but they never leave the cards. Promise. Do yourself a favor, and try this one out for your next solo or two-player game night.

Worth mentioning: You will probably die. But you’ll also feel that tug… What if we tried these characters next time, or picked up the next scenario for some more cards to add to our decks? Maybe then we could finally destroy the Great Old Ones together!


Andy B

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