X-Wing Regionals Results and Top-8 Squad Lists

June 28, 2015

Congratulations to Nathan “The Kid”, our 2015 Regional Champion!

Top-8 Squad Lists

The Kid’s Championship list
Corran Horn: E-Wing: PTL, R2-D2, Hull Upgrade, FCS (47 points)
Jake Farrell: A-Wing: PTL, Autothrusters, VI, A-Wing Testpilot Refit (28 points)
Biggs Darklighter: X-Wing: …

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Thoughts on Scum & Villainy

February 25, 2015

Now that the ships for the new Scum and Villainy faction for the X-Wing Miniatures Game have arrived in stores, let’s take a look at why you should be excited for the galaxy’s most ruthless criminals.

First, I’d like to

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X-Wing Until Midnight

October 23, 2014

I am so excited for Saturday. Why? Because we will playing the X-Wing Miniatures Game for twelve hours straight, all the way until midnight at the Greenfield store!

Allow me to elaborate. On Saturday, our normal weekly X-Wing game will …

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