A Visit from Friday Night Countdown

October 24, 2015

When a Pro Tour closes, Wizards of the Coast’s analysts have a lot to say, and they don’t necessarily want to wait until they get a flight home and get back to the office to say it. So, they often …

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A Noob’s Perspective on Magic: the Gathering

October 19, 2015

My first experience with Magic came to me when I was a wee lad of 13 or 14. My mother, classically at a loss as to what to get me for a present, brought home a beginners deck of Magic:

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Prerelease Prep from a Former First-Timer

September 18, 2015

If you ask me, sealed format prerelease events are one of the coolest ways to play Magic: the Gathering. Not only do you get to be among the first players to see the new set of cards, but you get …

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Magic Dual-Event Tournament Days

July 19, 2015

Imagine this:
You’ve been working on your Standard deck for months, tweaking it card-by-card – even planning ahead for the next rotation. Finally, your local game store makes the announcement you’ve been waiting for; it will be holding a competitive-level …

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Magic Newsflash: Errant Emails & Upcoming Grand Prix Trials

July 9, 2015

Well, I goofed up. This week’s Magic Newsletter mentioned our new series of Magic Grand Prix Trials (GPTs), and boy, did it get it wrong. I copied over some description that was very clearly not meant to apply to GPTs …

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Magic: Grand Prix Trials

July 6, 2015


General information for Grand Prix Trial Events

Take an early lead at upcoming Grand Prix tournaments by competing in Grand Prix Trials at the Barrister.  Each Grand Prix Trial (GPT) corresponds to a specific Grand Prix and will award its …

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Friday Night Magic – Tiny Leaders FAQ

March 6, 2015

What is “Tiny Leaders”

Tiny Leaders is a variant of the Commander format with a few twists.

First, none of your cards (including your commander!) can have a converted mana cost of more than 3.

Second, a deck consists of …

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Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease Events

March 2, 2015

Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease Events

Pre-registration for the Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease is open!

The khans are defeated; the five dragon clans are now the dominant force on Tarkir. Explore the altered fate of the plane at our Prerelease events on March 21 & 22.…

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Friday Night Magic – Pauper FAQ

January 13, 2015

What is “Pauper”

Pauper is Magic: the Gathering format in which all cards used must have been printed at the Common rarity in a Magic set or product. Since we are playing with cardboard, this means “printed on cardboard” – …

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Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers

December 19, 2014

General information for Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier Events

A Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (PPTQ) is the first step for new players on their path to the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour. By winning a PPTQ, you will qualify for that …

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