Board Game Splash on the 24th: A Fresh Way to Try New Games

October 20, 2015

ONR G54 Store LaunchGenerally, when a new game hits our shelves, we don’t know a whole lot about it. In some rare cases, the publisher will send us a demo copy so that we know how to talk about their game, but most …
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Twenty-Four Hour Gaming for Charity

September 25, 2015

Ever want to play games but feel like you should be doing something more productive instead? Well, Board Game Barrister is going to host an event where playing board games is productive! On October 17th starting at 10:00am, Board Game
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Magic: Grand Prix Trials

July 6, 2015


General information for Grand Prix Trial Events

Take an early lead at upcoming Grand Prix tournaments by competing in Grand Prix Trials at the Barrister.  Each Grand Prix Trial (GPT) corresponds to a specific Grand Prix and will award its …

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TableTop Day is Coming

March 13, 2015

The third annual International TableTop Day is on Aprill 11th, 2015. That’s only a month away! It’s a day to celebrate board games and tabletop gaming. A single day where gamers on every continent on Earth are brought together for …

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Play Android: Netrunner

March 9, 2015

Explore a gritty, cyberpunk world at our new Android: Netrunner events! Now you can play Fantasy Flight Games’ popular Living Card Game on Monday nights at the Bayshore store at 6:00pm.

Android: Netrunner is set in a dystopian, cyberpunk future …

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Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers

December 19, 2014

General information for Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier Events

A Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (PPTQ) is the first step for new players on their path to the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour. By winning a PPTQ, you will qualify for that …

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