Making Dice—Day 4: Finishing and Polishing

January 11, 2020

Start making your own dice—from start to finish!

Check out Day Three: Demolding, if you missed it last time, or get started at Day One.

Day Four: Finishing and Polishing

You would’ve noticed when pulling your dice that …

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North Shore Friday Night Magic – Modern: new structure

October 3, 2019

Good evening, my fellow Modern players. We have some changes coming to the Friday Night Magic – Modern event at our North Shore location. These changes are limited to this event at this location.

Starting Friday, 11 October 2019, Modern …

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Play Games for Lunch

August 18, 2019

“The opposite of play is not work.  It’s depression.” – Dr. Stuart Brown [1]

Good evening, all.  Gordon, a.k.a. “The” Barrister here, and I want to talk about the research on the benefits of play and how this led to …

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My First Holiday

February 5, 2019

Well not exactly my first… My name is Ian. I’m the new Store Manager at the Board Game Barrister in the Bayshore mall. Here’s an interesting little tidbit about myself: I worked for Walmart for 10 years before becoming …

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Award Winning Radio

May 6, 2018

One of the most-fun things I get to do is be “the voice” of the Board Game Barrister on the radio.  I’ve recorded fun spots for contests, supported public radio on WUWM (I don’t get to record these myself, alas), …

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May the 4th be Oak & Shield

April 11, 2018

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
The Oak & Shield Gaming Pub shall have its grandest of openings on the fourth day of May.

Or, put another way:  May the Fourth be Oak & Shield.

Ok, maybe that’s being too kitschy about …

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Criminal Background Check Policy

February 7, 2018

Here’s some behind-the-scenes discussion on the always-riveting topic of criminal background checks.

One of our publisher partners recently laid out some requirements stating that all stores who run certain types of events for them must conduct criminal background checks.  I …

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New Logo and Mascot!

April 1, 2016


While I’ve always been a fan of our “Board Game Barrister” name, I must admit that it has often caused some problems.  We’ve been called “The Game Board Barrister”, the “Board Room Barrister”, the “Board Game” with nothing more, …

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The NEW Barrister Wish Lists

May 19, 2015

The Board Game Barrister’s infamous owner has done it again! Another tool to make shopping easier for customers as well as well wishers. You know that feeling when you walk into our store looking for something specific and you end …

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Board Game Barrister – South Milwaukee

January 8, 2015

Nearly thirty-nine years ago, in February 1976, Gary and Bonnee Lugauer moved their carpet business from West Allis to 1007 Milwaukee Avenue in downtown South Milwaukee. They opened their doors and their floors as South Milwaukee Carpet and Vinyl. The …

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