Three Great Gifts for Kids who Like to Participate

October 19, 2020

We recently posted our Three Great Gifts for Kids who like to Take Charge.

But what about the kids who don’t feel the need to be in charge? Kids who prefer Participatory play would rather be a part of the …

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Three Great Gifts for Puzzlers

October 13, 2020

Many of us have a puzzler on our shopping list this holiday season—someone who loves jigsaw puzzles, collects them, employs ancient puzzling techniques, and has the patience of a saint. While the right gift for a someone who loves …

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Critical Thinking

October 5, 2020

The concept of Critical Thinking can be hard to pin down.

If you’re a mystery fan, Sherlock is the biggest critical thinker around.
If you play RPGs, it’s your Wisdom modifier.
If you’re an action movie fan, every time The

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Building Skills by Building Things

September 5, 2020

I want to talk about learning by building.

Let’s start here:

I built a birdhouse.

Over the course of the past year, I’ve been steadily taking more of an interest in woodworking. I suppose that’s a bit of an understatement. …

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The History of the Teetotum and How to Make One

August 10, 2020

Taking into account all the games that have ever existed in history, there are a few common elements that have persisted throughout the ages—playing cards, dice, coins, game boards and pawns—game components we know and love.  But there’s one game …

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Dr. Livingston’s Anatomy Puzzles

August 8, 2020

Okay, these puzzles are just awesome!

Dr. Livingston’s Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzles invite you to assemble a cross-cut section of the human body that gives you a clear view of its contents. You’ll see how they interlock and overlap, how the

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Putting Paint on Plastic

July 27, 2020

As I was writing up the description for this Saturday’s Socially Distant Miniature Painting, I noticed myself actively avoiding a phrase that I’ve used many times in the past: “Join in with other local painters.”

I then recognized why; …

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Painting Miniatures—A Newcomer’s Primer

July 21, 2020

Over the past few years, I’ve watched a number of guides on getting started in painting miniatures. They’re all very informative, they cover super important details, and they’re delivered by individuals who are FAR more experienced than myself. However, if …

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Companions’ Tale: A Game of Storytelling and Map-Making

September 19, 2019

“I’ve met the Hero. He and I spent a month traveling together across the frozen north. I set camp, cooked the food, and tried not to get in his way. He was the one that took care of the bandits

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