GlennCon 2017: Three Full Days of Free Open Gaming

July 3, 2017

Newly Updated: The current Schedule of Events for GlennCon 2017 is now available!

Welcome to GlennCon, where gamers gather from near and far for three jam-packed days of games, games and more games! Spend your weekend outwitting opponents, waging epic wars and teaming up to overcome cooperative challenges.

Big News: GlennCon 2017 has moved to our Greenfield location!
We’re taking this show on the road – but not far. The entirety of GlennCon will now take place in the event space at Board Game Barrister-Greenfield. We’re excited to bring this awesome con and its players to a new venue this year!

Attending GlennCon is completely free. So stop by, explore our shelves of game demos, learn new games from the people who know them best and settle in for a weekend to remember.

The fun begins Friday morning and will continue through Sunday afternoon.

Got a game you want to play? Run an event. You’ll be glad you did!
It’s time to start building our schedule of events for GlennCon 2017, but we need your help!

Every year, we’re proud to present our attendees with a full schedule of gaming events that lasts all weekend. Each of those events is run by an attendee of the con who, and each is no more complicated than say, “The Grizzled with Andy – 2:00pm.”

It’s that easy. You pick the game. We’ll supply you with the players.

Plus, you’ll receive a thank you gift of 500 MVP points for each event you run.

Let us know what you’d like to play that day on this form, and be sure to mention that you’re submitting an event for GlennCon.