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11:00 am Pokemon League @ Greenfield
Pokemon League @ Greenfield
Aug 2 @ 11:00 am
Play the Pokemon Trading Card Game every Sunday at our Pokemon League. Battle other trainers in casual matches, and earn marks for each game played. Players can earn promo cards, cool Pokemon keychains, and nifty[...]
12:00 pm HeroClix @ Mayfair
HeroClix @ Mayfair
Aug 2 @ 12:00 pm
HeroClix @ Mayfair
Play with your favorite super heroes, sidekicks and villains at our HeroClix events! New players welcome! New to the Game? HeroClix is a collectible miniatures game that centers on the world of superhero comic books,[...]
12:00 pm Magic – Commander @ Greenfield & North Shore
Magic – Commander @ Greenfield & North Shore
Aug 2 @ 12:00 pm
Play Commander, the most popular multi-player format in Magic the Gathering! It’s also known as Elder Dragon Highlander or EDH. Each player brings a Commander Deck. Players are placed into pods of 3-5 and there[...]
1:00 pm Torg Eternity @ North Shore
Torg Eternity @ North Shore
Aug 2 @ 1:00 pm
Torg Eternity @ North Shore
Later today, earlier tomorrow, sometime next week, the world began to end. The invaders came, causing mass destruction simultaneously across the world and changing parts of the world into “somewhere else.” Join us for Torg[...]
3:00 pm Commander at the Pub @ Oak & Shield Pub
Commander at the Pub @ Oak & Shield Pub
Aug 2 @ 3:00 pm
Commander at the Pub @ Oak & Shield Pub
Join us for a casual Commander format Magic: the Gathering event—Sunday afternoons at Oak & Shield Pub! Upon arriving, you’ll be given a pod of players to join, and settle in for an afternoon of[...]