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Star Wars Legion 101—Learn to Play Event @ Greenfield
Apr 20 @ 12:00 pm
Ever wondered what it feels like to crash an AT-ST into a squad of Rebel troopers? Or to throw Luke and Vader into a lightsaber battle amidst a hailstorm of heavy blaster fire?

Come play Star Wars Legion!

At this learn-to-play event, you’ll learn the basics of the game, and command an army of Star Wars miniatures to accomplish your battle objective!

No Materials Required
Players are invited to bring a 600 point army to play on a 3×3 board, or to use one of our pre-built armies!

Take Home Prizes
Everyone will leave with one or more special promo cards from our Legion organized play materials.

Experienced Players: Join us for an afternoon of Legion, show some newer players the ropes, and take home some great promos while you’re at it!
Legion Team Battle @ Greenfield
Sep 14 @ 10:00 am

Pair up and roll out! It’s time for our first-ever Legion Team Battle!

This special format event will feature four-player 2v2 games, in which you and a teammate will work together—and win or lose together.

Pick your partner ahead of time—or arrive Solo, and we’ll find you a Chewie to partner up with.

Registration: 10:00AM
Event Start: 10:30AM

Team Battle Format
This event will adhere to all of the optional rules for a Team Battle (pictured), with the following exception:

  • Teammates do NOT need to build their lists from the same faction.

BYO Heavy Cover
Please bring any Legion-style terrain that you’re willing to allow other players to use for a portion of the day. This will give us the best chance of providing suitable amounts (and theme-appropriate) terrain for all of the day’s matches.

Team Battle Prizes
This event will feature organized play prizes from an FFG kit! Details TBD.