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Mar 17 – Apr 24 all-day
Rifts, powered by Savage Worlds @ North Shore
Apr 1 @ 5:30 pm

Welcome to the Post-Post-Apocalypse! A world where Magic, Technology, Psionics, Aliens, Demons, Dragons, and more not only exist but are playable by you!

Will you wield the awesome magic of a Ley-Line Walker or a Shifter? Or will you suit up in Glitter Boy armor armed with the biggest gun on the planet? Or maybe you combine the power of opposing elements as an Elemental Fusionist.

Come learn about the new edition of Savage Worlds and Rifts for a every other week session. Create your own character or use one of the premade Iconic Frameworks to show just how well you can survive on Rifts Earth.

**New Players Always Welcome!**
Your game master, Robin, will be available to explain the rules of the game and answer questions.
Casual Painting Wednesdays @ North Shore
Apr 1 @ 6:00 pm

Paint miniatures in the company of others—and make use our supplies!

  • Bring a project to work on, or browse for one on the shelves when you arrive.
  • Exchange advice with other minis painters of all skill levels.
  • Come and go as you please. Feel free to stay for an hour one week and three hours the next!

We supply: Brushes, paints, pallets, paper towel and water cups.

When done for the day, painters are asked to clean their brushes and pallets, and empty their water cups.

Any miniature priming will need to be done outside the store. In extreme warm or cold weather, we suggest priming miniatures at home beforehand, and in a well-ventilated area.

We’ll see you on Wednesdays!

Dungeons & Dragons (Casual Group) @ Greenfield
Apr 1 @ 6:00 pm

DandDTheoJoin us for Dungeons & Dragons 5e at BGB Greenfield!

This ongoing weekly campaign is open to players of all experience levels. With the guidance of a variety of experienced DMs, we will adventure through a series of homebrew quests. This is NOT an Adventurer’s League campaign.

Starting out: ​Characters in these settings will start at level 3. Come with a character (or characters) prepared or arrive early and one of our experienced players will assist you in making a character. Not sure you want to commit to a character? That’s okay! Due to the structure of the campaign, players are encouraged to try out different characters.

Settings:​ There are a variety of settings in which you may find yourself playing. Current adventures include a homebrew campaign set in the world of “Aurak” (where we are adventuring around the premise of building and maintaining a stronghold) being run by rotating DMs. Your characters coming to our stronghold is a constant thread. However, with different DMs come different styles of adventures that are built around this main premise.

New players are always welcome! We understand that players will come and go as this campaign continues, and we are happy to accommodate a shifting group of players each week. If there are a large number of players, we will split into two groups. This will provide all players to have more interaction within the game and allow the storylines to progress.

Who’s running this anyway? The exceptional staff at BGB-Greenfield will be able to point you in the direction of DMs Brian, Devon, and Stephanie. We will be happy to start you on your epic adventure!

Star Wars: Destiny @ Oak & Shield Gaming Pub
Apr 1 @ 6:00 pm

swdestiny1Join us every week to meet and compete with other players of this Star Wars dice game!

This collectible game empowers players to gather small teams of iconic Star Wars characters and battle to defeat their foes. Using your dice and the cards in your deck, it’s up to you to outmaneuver your opponent, enhance your deck with new dice and cards, and be the last player with characters left standing.

New players welcome!
This is a casual event for players to play and learn more about the game. Players of all experience levels are welcome.

One Drink/Appetizer Minimum
We’re proud to host public gaming events in our pub, and to offer free admission to those events. Please help us continue to run these events with a minimum order of one drink or appetizer.
Event minimum orders are subject to an 18% gratuity.

Magic – Legacy @ North Shore
Apr 1 @ 6:30 pm

Join us on Wednesdays to play the eternal format Legacy and show those older Magic cards some love!

This event is a competitive tournament. We play three rounds of Swiss with booster packs for prizes.

Players win a booster pack for each match win (or bye). Prize packs are your choice, from a selection that will include most current boosters that we have good supply of.


Free Open Gaming @ Greenfield
Apr 2 all-day

Come in and play some games from our Game Library for FREE! Get an open gaming ticket and you’re good to play until we close. Choose from hundreds of games in the Library. If you get overwhelmed, ask a friendly Barrister for some gaming guidance.


X-Wing @ North Shore
Apr 2 @ 5:00 pm

Come in and play X-Wing Second Edition, a ship-to-ship miniatures combat game where you can choose your star fighter and crew. Build a squad, arm your fighters with ace pilots and customizable options, and engage in epic interplanetary dogfights!

For this weekly event, we will have the game core sets and ships available for players to use. New players are always welcome!

Dungeons & Dragons @ Greenfield
Apr 2 @ 5:30 pm

The 5th edition of D&D puts players in a world of monsters and magic, of peril and wonder. Players create their own characters and then the spell slinging, monster slaying, dungeon delving fun begins.

This D&D group meets every other week. Each session lasts for about 3 hours.

New players are always welcome!

Dungeons & Dragons (Casual Campaign) @ North Shore
Apr 2 @ 6:00 pm

Join us for a weekly Dungeons & Dragons campaign!

Create a character, prepare to combat great threats, and dive into your own unique story in this massively popular roleplaying game! D&D is as much as game of collective storytelling and memorable moments as it is about slaying dragons and collecting loot.

Your Dungeon Master, Peter, will guide you through this “homebrewed” adventure campaign, welcoming all players new and old to a fantastic world.

New players welcome!
Players with little or no experience with Dungeons & Dragons are welcome at this event. Your Dungeon Master is available to provide guidance and answer questions during the event.