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Destiny Prime Championship—February 2020 @ Greenfield
Feb 8 all-day

Become one with the Force as we host an all new Destiny Prime Championship event!

This epic Destiny competition will gather players from near and far for a day of high-energy competition, and the winner will earn an invitation to the Star Wars: Destiny World Championship!

Destiny Prime Championship, February 2020
Board Game Barrister – Greenfield location
Saturday, February 8, 2020

6120 West Layton Avenue
Greenfield, WI 53220
(414) 423-7100

We strongly recommend pre-registration for this event. When you pre-register, you guarantee your seat at the event and make registration much smoother for yourself on the day-of.





Online registration will close at 11:59pm on Thursday, February 6.

Tournament Schedule

Doors Open: 10:00AM
Registration: 10:00AM—10:50AM
Player Meeting: 10:50AM
Round One Start: 11:00AM


Tournament Structure

This event will begin with a number of Swiss-style rounds dependent on attendance.

Swiss Rounds: 35 Minutes, Single Game

We will then cut to our Top 4/8 players for our Single Elimination Quarter, Semi and Final matches.

Single Elimination Rounds: 90 Minutes, Best-of-Three
Final Single Elimination Match: 120 Minutes, Best-of-Three

Tournament Prizes

Prime Championships are exclusive events with exclusive prizes.

The winner of this Prime Champs will receive an invitation to the Star Wars: Destiny World Championship!

  • Top 64: Extended-art Rey and Kylo Ren (Spark of Hope)
  • Top 32: Extended-art Temporary Truce
  • Top 16: Plastic extended-art Prime Championship Rey and Kylo Ren PLUS Ext.-art Force Connection & Untamed Power
  • Top 8: Prime Championship Playmat
  • Top 4: Set of 9 acrylic shield tokens
  • Winner: Prime Champion Playmat & Destiny World Championship Invite!






Online registration will close at 11:59pm on Thursday, February 6.

German Language Learning—with Board Games! @ Mayfair
Feb 8 @ 10:00 am

Learning German, or want to brush up on your Wortschatz? Why not have some fun while you learn!

At this bi-weekly event, you’ll have a chance to gather with other learners of German, practice your conversation skills and play various games using the language.

Your event host, Jaymee, is fluent in the German language AS WELL as in board games, and she will facilitate the event to make sure everyone has a great game to play and some fellow learners to practice with.

Note: This event is not intended for first-time German learners, but rather current learners who would like to practice their language skills.

KeyForge Sealed – Casual Tournament @ Greenfield
Feb 8 @ 10:30 am

Join us twice a month for Sealed KeyForge!

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday, you’ll get to select your set and discover a new deck that you’ll pilot for the morning.

We’ll play three or four Swiss-style rounds, depending on our attendance.

Each round will be a Solo variant match, meaning you’ll play your new deck in a single game against your opponent.

Special Formats/Themes
Occasionally, this event will have a unique theme or special format. Join our KeyForge Facebook Group for updates and announcements about each week’s event.

Master Vault App
We suggest that all players download the official, free KeyForge Master Vault app and create an account. This account will be used to register you for each week’s event.

Leaderboard Ranked
For those interested, this event will count toward monthly Leaderboard rankings.

Crane Pack Event—Legend of the Five Rings @ Mayfair
Feb 8 @ 11:00 am

Poetry in honor.

Celebrate the Crane Clan at this special event featuring gorgeous promos and playmats!

Registration: 11:00AM
Event Start: 11:30AM

This is a casual tournament. Players of all skills levels are invited to join us. We’ll play a few 60-minute rounds of Legend of the Five Rings (3-4 depending on attendance) and take home some great prizes.

Players may play any clan they wish for this event. Players should build a deck following the game’s deckbuilding guidelines and Imperial Law document.

Event Prizes

  • Participation: Full bleed Festival for the Fortunes promos (number depending on attendance)
  • Top 8: Alternate art Support of the Crane promo
  • Top 2: Daidoji Uji Playmat


HeroClix @ Greenfield
Feb 8 @ 12:00 pm

Play with your favorite super heroes, sidekicks and villains at our HeroClix events! New players welcome!

New to the Game?
HeroClix is a collectible miniatures game that centers on the world of superhero comic books, especially the Marvel and DC Comics universes. Players construct teams of comic book heroes, villains, or characters from various video games series such as Street Fighter, Gears of War, and Halo and engage in a turn-by-turn battle on grid maps based on various storyline locations.

Miniature Painting Saturdays @ Mayfair
Feb 8 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Paint miniatures in the company of others—and make use our supplies!

  • Bring a project to work on, or browse for one on the shelves when you arrive.
  • Exchange advice with other minis painters of all skill levels.
  • Come and go as you please. Feel free to stay for an hour one week and four hours the next!

We supply: Brushes, paints, pallets, paper towel and water cups.

When done for the day, painters are asked to clean their brushes and pallets, and empty their water cups.

Any miniature priming will need to be done outside the store. In extreme warm or cold weather, we suggest priming miniatures at home beforehand, and in a well-ventilated area.

We’ll see you on Saturdays!

Paint-n-Take: Owlbear! @ Mayfair
Feb 8 @ 12:00 pm

Get ready to paint everyone’s favorite woodland hoot-roarin’ hybrid!

Join us for this Paint-n-Take event, where you’ll get a ready-to-paint Owlbear miniature and spend a couple hours making it look great—then take it home!

All Supplies and Miniatures Provided!
Entry includes your Owlbear miniature as well as access to our in-store painting supplies: paints, brushes, palettes, and more! You are also welcome to bring any supplies from home that you wish, but it is not required.

Standard Showdown (Magic: the Gathering) @ Greenfield & North Shore
Feb 8 @ 12:00 pm

Standard Showdown is back – it’s time to master the Standard Format!

Join us for a friendly competitive Standard event, and play to win packs, as well as special 4-card Promo Packs!

All players win a booster pack of their choice for every match won.

The event winner will receive a Promo Pack for the current Magic season, featuring four special and exclusive cards.

Star Wars: Armada @ Greenfield
Feb 8 @ 1:00 pm

Join us on Saturdays for casual matches of Star Wars: Armada!Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 5.06.38 PM

These weekly events are a great chance to test out lists or just play fun combinations of ships.

Plus – Your Armada ticket will grant you access to our casual X-Wing event at the same time!

Star Wars: Legion @ Greenfield
Feb 8 @ 1:00 pm

Join the ongoing battle at Greenfield!

Play Star Wars: Legion, every Saturday afternoon.

At this weekly event, you’ll have an opportunity to build your Legion skills, test the prowess of new armies–and just play for fun!


New to the Game? Fantastic!
Our Legion “Champion” will be available during this event to teach the game and run demos!

Star Wars: Legion invites you to join the unsung battles of the Galactic Civil War as the commander of a unique army filled with troopers, powerful ground or repulsor vehicles, and iconic characters like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. While innovative mechanics simulate the fog of war and the chaos of battle, the unpainted, easily assembled miniatures give you a canvas to create the Star Wars army you’ve always wanted to lead into battle—whether you fight for the monolithic, oppressive Galactic Empire or the ragtag Rebel Alliance.