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X-Wing: Aces High Event @ North Shore
Nov 21 @ 5:30 pm

Join us for FFG’s Aces High Event. Battle against your opponents in a single free-for-all match, and seek to be the best Ace!

Registration: 5:00pm – 5:45pm
Event Start: 6:00pm

Format & Squadbuilding
Players will fly only a single ship, up to 80pts.
Free-for-All Match
Aim to get the most points before the end of the 75 minute round.

Points are scored for the following:

  • First Hit:​ After a ship performs an attack, if the defender was at full health and suffered damage, the attacking ship’s player scores 1 point.
  • Shot Confirmed:​ After a ship performs an attack, if the defender was destroyed, the attacking ship’s player scores 2 victory points plus all victory points on the defender’s ship card (remove them from the defender’s ship card when they are scored.) Then place 1 victory point token on the attacking ship’s card.
  • Stay in the Fight:​ If a ship flees, remove all victory points from its ship card. Its player loses 1 victory point plus victory points equal to the number of victory points removed this way.

Special Rule—Restore Ships (Start of Round): ​Starting with the first player, each player with no ship in play rolls 1 attack die, and then restores their destroyed ship, placing it back in play with its rear guides at any position on one of the hyperspace points matching the symbol rolled. If it cannot be placed this way at any of the matching positions without overlapping another ship, that ship’s player places it anywhere in the play area at range 0 of a board edge (not overlapping another ship) instead.

Event Scoring
The player that has scored the most victory points when the 75-minute round ends is the winner.

Event Prizes
Top Scorer—Plastic dual-sided card: Rebel R2-D2 Astromech upgrade // Imperial Black Squadron Pilot
Participation—Your choice of promo: Extended Art U-wing OR Proton Rockets

RPG Roulette: Companions’ Tale @ Mayfair
Nov 21 @ 6:00 pm

“I’ve met the Hero. He and I spent a month traveling together across the frozen north. I set camp, cooked the food, and tried not to get in his way. He was the one that took care of the bandits and wolves that we encountered. He told me he was on his way to gain the Dragon’s blessing, but we parted ways before he did, I’m not even sure if he succeeded, but I know he survived. I’m told he went back to the south and crossed the desert without aid.”

    -The Wanderer

Join us for four weeks of Companions’ Tale, a story game in which you and you fellow players will collectively tell the tale of a mythical hero through the tales (however truthful) told by the companions they meet along the way.

New players are always welcome! Each week, we will start fresh with the tale of a new hero, so feel free to join in any time!

More about Companions’ Tale
Who is the Hero, and what caused a need for them to appear? What is the history of this land, its people, culture, myths. These are the questions that you’ll strive to answer in Companions’ Tale.

Taking on the roles of the Historian, Companion, Witness, Lorekeeper, Cartographer and Biographer, everyone will work together to build and explore a new world. Each role is held by all players, involving everyone in the story of the Hero. No names will be given, and time is not strictly linear. Over Three Acts, the Hero will emerge from the unknown, encounter the disaster that has arisen, and ultimately strive to resolve it. Whether they succeed or fail is in your hands as the player.

KeyForge Prime Championship @ Greenfield
Nov 23 all-day

Update: Online pre-registration has closed, but there are still PLENTY of seats available for day-of registration in the store.

We do no currently expect this event to sell out.


Embrace your inner Archon at this all new KeyForge Prime Championship event!

This epic KeyForge competition will gather players from near and far for a day of high-energy competition, and the winner will earn an invitation to the first ever KeyForge World Championship!

KeyForge Prime Championship, Fall 2019
Board Game Barrister – Greenfield location
Saturday, November 23, 2019

6120 West Layton Avenue
Greenfield, WI 53220
(414) 423-7100

We strongly recommend pre-registration for this event. When you pre-register, you guarantee your seat at the event and make registration much smoother for yourself on the day-of.

In-Store registration will be available until the event’s start time, or until the seating capacity is reached.

Tournament Schedule

Doors Open: 10:00AM
Registration: 10:00AM—10:50AM
Player Meeting: 10:50AM
Round One Start: 11:00AM

Tournament Details

Format: Archon Solo

Round Structure:

  • Swiss Rounds, Single-Game Rounds—35 Minutes
  • Top Cut, Single-Game Single-Elimination—35 Minutes
  • Grand Final, Best-of-Three Single-Elimination—120 Minutes


Please refer to the most recent KeyForge Tournament Regulations for full details on participating in a Prime Championship tournament.


Tournament Prizes

  • Æmbershards: Players earn Æmbershards for participation, as well as final standings. Get the full details on earning Æmbershards at Prime Championships here.
  • Top 16: Acrylic Stun Tokens & Art Deckbox
  • Top 8: Playmat featuring “The Grim Reaper”
  • Top 4: Multi-Deck Art Deckbox
  • Top 2: Metal Prime Championship Key Tokens
  • Prime Champion: Playmat featuring c rackling dragon and an Invitation to the KeyForge World Championship.



Learn-to-Play: Tiny Towns & Cartographers @ Mayfair
Nov 23 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Join us for great Learn-to-Play weekends in November!

This time is Tiny Towns and Cartographers.

New players always welcome! Your Barrister host, Theo, will teach the rules before we begin and provide guidance during gameplay.

More about Tiny Towns
You are the mayor of a tiny town in the forest. This new land is small and the resources are scarce, so you take what you can get and never say no to building materials. In Tiny Towns, your town is represented by a 4×4 grid on which you will place resource cubes in specific layouts to construct buildings. When you’re the active player, you select a resource for everyone to place next, but when the next player goes, they’ll be selecting what you place next.

More about Cartographers
Queen Gimnax has ordered the reclamation of the northern lands. As a cartographer in her service, you are sent to map this territory, claiming it for the Kingdom of Nalos.  In Cartographers, players compete to earn the most reputation stars by the time four seasons have passed. Each season, players draw on their map sheets and earn reputation by carrying out the queen’s edicts before the season is over. The player with the most reputation stars at the end of winter wins.

X-Wing: Wave Leader Extended Tournament @ North Shore
Nov 24 @ 11:00 am

Join us for an Extended Standard X-Wing Tournament to determine our Wave Leader.

Every win will count towards becoming wave leader. Wave leader will receive a poster and ranger ruler templates.

Store Open: 11:00AM
Registration: 11:00AM-11:20AM
Event Start: 11:30AM

Players: Max of 16

Event Format
X-wing Standard Tournament
75-minute Swiss-style rounds
Number of rounds based on attendance (max 4)

Event Prizes
Participation—Extended Art Dead’s Man Switch & Metal Force Charge Token
Top 4—Extended Art Howlrunner Promo
Tournament Winner—Plastic Heroic Card
Wave Leader—Range Ruler Templates & Poster

Legend of the Five Rings Casual Play (Promo Event) @ Greenfield
Nov 24 @ 11:30 am

Join in for a few rounds of casual Legend of the Five Rings gameplay!

Meet up with local L5R players, and put your deck(s) to the test in pick up games.

Then join us for our Crane Pack Event on December 8!

Everyone will take home a stack of full bleed promos:

  • Scene of the Crime (1-3 copies)
  • Untamed Steppe (1-3 copies)
  • Dishonorable Assault (1-3 copies)
  • False Loyalties (x3 copies)
  • Isawa Tadaka (x3 copies)
  • Callous Ashigaru (x3 copies)

Learn-to-Play: Fairy Tile & Photosynthesis @ Mayfair
Nov 24 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Join us for great Learn-to-Play weekends in November!

This time is Fairy Tile & Photosynthesis.

New players always welcome! Your Barrister host will teach the rules before we begin and provide guidance during gameplay.

Fairy Tile
Welcome to Fairy Tile, a kingdom of magical lands where a daring Princess, a devoted Knight, and a dreadful Dragon roam looking for adventure. They need your help to discover the kingdom and tell their epic tale! Develop the kingdom of Fairy Tile by putting new land tiles in play and moving the Princess, Knight, and Dragon across different places such as mountains, forests, and plains. Help them have extraordinary adventures by accomplishing objectives written on the pages of your book. Be the first to read all the pages of your book to win the game.

The sun shines brightly on the canopy of the forest, and the trees use this wonderful energy to grow and develop their beautiful foliage. Plant and grow new seedlings wisely and position the shadows of your growing trees to slow your opponents down—but don’t forget that the sun revolves around the forest and that shade might swing back the other way soon enough.

Each turn in Photosynthesis, the sun will revolve 60° of the way around the hexagonal board and provide sunlight to all of the trees that are not in the shade of the trees in front of them. Each player will then have a chance to spend their sunlight, planting seeds and growing trees in preparation for next turn’s revolution!



Magic – Commander @ Greenfield
Nov 24 @ 12:00 pm

Play Commander, the most popular multi-player format in Magic the Gathering! It’s also known as Elder Dragon Highlander or EDH.

Each player brings a Commander Deck. Players are placed into pods of 3-5 and there is one round of play. Everyone gets one pack of their choice for participating. The winner of the pod gets one more free pack!

Find Rules for Building a Commander Deck and Playing this Unique Format.

Private Event: MAHL Pokémon Meetup @ North Shore
Dec 6 @ 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

We’re happy to set aside space for your upcoming birthday party, private game night or special get-together!

Reserve space for your own private event here, available at all Board Game Barrister locations and Oak & Shield Pub.

Private In-Store Events

Private In-Store Birthdays

Oak & Shield Pub Reservations and Parties

Exquisite Eldraine Sealed Event (Magic: the Gathering) @ Greenfield
Dec 7 @ 11:30 am

The tale of Eldraine is far from over… Join us for a six-pack Sealed event, and you’ll get a code for exclusive “Exquisite” Arena sleeves just for participating.

Open your six booster packs, build a deck, and compete for epic prizes!

Players in this event will receive a Throne of Eldraine Prerelease Pack for their deckbuilding Sealed Pool, containing six Throne of Eldraine booster packs, a date-stamped foil rare or mythic rare, and a spindown 20-sided die.

Registration: 11:30AM
Deckbuilding: Noon
Round One Begins: 1:00PM

We will play three Swiss-style rounds
50 minutes per round

Event Prizes based on final record
All Participants—Exquisite Sleeve code for Magic Arena
One Win—One random card from a Throne of Eldraine Promo Pack
Two Wins—Throne of Eldraine Promo Pack
Three Wins—Throne of Eldraine Collector’s Booster & Promo Pack