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RPG Roulette: Home By Dark @ Mayfair
Oct 17 @ 6:00 pm

Fan of Stranger Things or E.T.? How about The Goonies?

Join us for an October of RPG one-shots! This week is Home By Dark, where you’ll play kids, teens, and adults that have discovered a powerful innocent in your small town. You must protect it from nefarious pursuers that want it for their own plans, all the while avoiding the growing danger that threatens the town.

New players are always welcome! We’ll be starting with brand new characters and covering the basics of the game before we begin.

More about the Game
Home by Dark is a story game inspired by the resourceful and misunderstood kids of many 80’s films, along with the myriad homage films and series that have come since.  You and your friends help to protect this mysterious secret while insecurities, fears, and latent drama from their own lives will surface and threaten to unravel the whole plan.

RPG Roulette: Zombie World @ Mayfair
Oct 24 @ 6:00 pm

What kind of survivor are you?

Join us for an October of RPG one-shots! This week is Zombie World, where you’ll play survivors fighting against the living and the dead for your own place in the world.

New players are always welcome! We’ll be starting with brand new characters and covering the basics of the game before we begin.

More about the Game
Zombie World is a card-based tabletop roleplaying game, where you’ll take on the roles of ordinary people caught up in a zombie apocalypse, struggling to survive day after day, month after month, year after year, in a world destroyed by the restless dead.

Maybe you’re just an accountant who took up a machete to keep her friends and family safe. Maybe you’re an escaped inmate trying to keep your criminal past a secret from your fellow survivors. Maybe you’re a soldier trying to lead and protect your whole enclave in this ruined world.

The game is designed for easy, quick, and intense play.

Day of Deduction: Learn-to-Play Double Feature @ Mayfair
Oct 26 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Time to do some sleuthing and deducing!

Join us for this free learn-to-play event, and prepare yourself for a Day of Deduction.

New players welcome! Your event host, Glenn, will teach the rules of these games and answer questions as we play.

More about Detective Club
Detective Club is a social deduction party game featuring beautiful, surreal artwork and intriguing player interactions! Each round, one player secretly writes a word in all-but-one of the other players’ notebooks. The player who does not know the word is the Conspirator this round. All players then take turns playing cards they feel best represent the word. When the word is revealed at the end of the round, each player explains why their cards make sense with the word. The player who didn’t know the word will have to quickly come up with an explanation in order to not be detected!

More about Trapwords
Your task seems simple. You are given a word, and you need your teammates to guess it. But the other team has already seen your word, and they have made a list of “trapwords” that you can’t say. You don’t know what’s on their list. And there’s a time limit. If you succeed, you advance to higher levels with more trapwords and additional challenges!

Learn-to-Play: Arkham Horror @ Mayfair
Oct 27 @ 12:00 pm

Our October of spooky board gaming continues with an afternoon of Arkham Horror!

Join us for this free learn-to-play event, and attempt to prevent the arrival of the Ancient Ones that wish to enslave or destroy the human race.

New players welcome! Your event host, Glenn, will teach the rules of the game and answer questions as we play.

More about Arkham Horror
The year is 1926, and it is the height of the Roaring Twenties, and a dark shadow grows in the city of Arkham. Alien entities known as Ancient Ones lurk in the emptiness beyond space and time. Occult rituals must be stopped and alien creatures destroyed; before the Ancient Ones make our world their ruined dominion.

Arkham Horror is a cooperative game based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, throwing extradimensional horrors into an early 20th century setting. Find out more here.

You and your fellow investigators must stand against the horrors threatening to tear this world apart. Will you prevail?


An Evening of Dread @ North Shore
Oct 31 @ 6:00 pm

We’re breaking out the Jenga tower for our second annual Dread game played on Halloween!

Last year, the group successfully survived an electrifying mystery at an asylum… who knows what dark depths this year will explore. Join us for a frightfully good time!

More about Dread
Dive into a high-tension horror story told by your game master, Erik, and push the story ahead with the actions of your characters. Every time you find yourself in a perilous moment, you’ll need to successfully pull a block from the Jenga tower—or meet your final fate!

If you haven’t experienced the pure, high-tension elegance of the Dread RPG, then we hope you’ll join us on Halloween night.

And by all means, help us celebrate the spookiest night of the year by coming in *costume!

*For the best and safest in-store experience, we ask that participants not wear masks or headwear covering the full face.


Learn-to-Play: Tiny Towns & Cartographers @ Mayfair
Nov 2 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Join us for great Learn-to-Play weekends in November!

This time is Tiny Towns and Cartographers.

New players always welcome! Your Barrister host will teach the rules before we begin and provide guidance during gameplay.

More about Tiny Towns
You are the mayor of a tiny town in the forest. This new land is small and the resources are scarce, so you take what you can get and never say no to building materials. In Tiny Towns, your town is represented by a 4×4 grid on which you will place resource cubes in specific layouts to construct buildings. When you’re the active player, you select a resource for everyone to place next, but when the next player goes, they’ll be selecting what you place next.

More about Cartographers
Queen Gimnax has ordered the reclamation of the northern lands. As a cartographer in her service, you are sent to map this territory, claiming it for the Kingdom of Nalos.  In Cartographers, players compete to earn the most reputation stars by the time four seasons have passed. Each season, players draw on their map sheets and earn reputation by carrying out the queen’s edicts before the season is over. The player with the most reputation stars at the end of winter wins.

Learn-to-Play: Bubble Tea & The Tea Dragon Society @ Mayfair
Nov 3 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Join us for some great Learn-to-Play weekends in November!

This time is Bubble Tea and The Tea Dragon Society.

New players always welcome! Your Barrister host will teach the rules before we begin and provide guidance during gameplay.

More about Bubble Tea
Welcome to the most popular bubble tea shop in Taiwan where you’ll find drinks flavored like rich milk tea with a chewy texture and unforgettable good taste! In Bubble Tea, each player has two cards called cups and nine bubble tea ingredient cards. One player uses the shaker to shake out which ingredients will be needed this game, and whoever assembles these ingredients the quickest wins the game and gets the rewards! To make an unforgettable bubble tea, you need to pay attention to crucial elements like having more bubbles and less sugar; even your method for adding ice will make the drink taste differently.

More about The Tea Dragon Society
Discover the ancient art form of Tea Dragon care-taking within The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, based on the graphic novel The Tea Dragon Society. Create a bond between yourself and your Tea Dragon that grows as you progress through the seasons, creating memories to share forever. Each player’s deck represents their own Tea Dragon. From turn to turn, players choose to draw a card — triggering effects and strengthening their position — or buy a card, improving their deck or scoring points.


RPG Roulette: Companions’ Tale @ Mayfair
Nov 7 @ 6:00 pm

“I’ve met the Hero. He and I spent a month traveling together across the frozen north. I set camp, cooked the food, and tried not to get in his way. He was the one that took care of the bandits and wolves that we encountered. He told me he was on his way to gain the Dragon’s blessing, but we parted ways before he did, I’m not even sure if he succeeded, but I know he survived. I’m told he went back to the south and crossed the desert without aid.”

    -The Wanderer

Join us for four weeks of Companions’ Tale, a story game in which you and you fellow players will collectively tell the tale of a mythical hero through the tales (however truthful) told by the companions they meet along the way.

New players are always welcome! Each week, we will start fresh with the tale of a new hero, so feel free to join in any time!

More about Companions’ Tale
Who is the Hero, and what caused a need for them to appear? What is the history of this land, its people, culture, myths. These are the questions that you’ll strive to answer in Companions’ Tale.

Taking on the roles of the Historian, Companion, Witness, Lorekeeper, Cartographer and Biographer, everyone will work together to build and explore a new world. Each role is held by all players, involving everyone in the story of the Hero. No names will be given, and time is not strictly linear. Over Three Acts, the Hero will emerge from the unknown, encounter the disaster that has arisen, and ultimately strive to resolve it. Whether they succeed or fail is in your hands as the player.

Open House: Neighborhood Toy Store Day @ North Shore
Nov 9 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Join us as we celebrate National Toy Store Day with an Autumn Open House event at our newest location—North Shore!

Board Game Barrister—North Shore
5530 North Port Washington Road
Glendale, WI 53217

Stop in and explore our shop, meet our team, dive into our great selection of toys and puzzles, and learn a new game (or ten).

Having recently relocated from inside the Bayshore Town Center, we’re proud to have discovered our own brick-and-mortar location in the Glendale community.

For those who are new to us: Board Game Barrister is a local chain of Milwaukee-owned and operated stores specializing in board games, toys, puzzles, collectibles, and most of all—fun!

What to do at the Open House?

  • Try out some of this year’s best new games;
  • Sit in on one of our scheduled learn-to-play game events (schedule coming soon!);
  • Holiday shopping soon? Get amazing suggestions from our knowledgeable team;
  • Hear about our weekly and one-time events for adults, kids and families;
  • And more!

Plus—If you’re like us and you prefer to sip a warm, caffeinated beverage while playing games, you’ll love our selection of delicious cafe beverages—lovingly made by our “Barrister baristas,” and only available at our North Shore location!

Learn-to-Play: Marvel Champions & Call to Adventure @ Mayfair
Nov 9 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Join us for great Learn-to-Play weekends in November!

This time is Marvel Champions & Call to Adventure.

New players always welcome! Your Barrister host will teach the rules before we begin and provide guidance during gameplay.

More about Marvel Champions
Rhino rampages through the streets of New York. Klaw peddles illegal weapons to the world’s most dangerous criminals. Ultron threatens global annihilation. The world needs champions to stop these villains. Are you up to the task? In Marvel Champions: The Card Game, you and up to three friends will take on the roles of iconic heroes from the Marvel Universe as you try to stop infamous villains from enacting their devious schemes.

More about Call to Adventure
Make your fate! Inspired by character-driven fantasy storytelling, Call to Adventure challenges you to create the hero with the greatest destiny by acquiring traits, facing challenges, and overcoming adversaries. You’ll begin each game with an origin card that provides your backstory as well as two “starter” abilities. Each round you may either acquire trait cards from the board or face a challenge. As your hero grows in ability and experience, you’ll move on to harder challenges, eventually facing deadly adversaries and acquiring more and more destiny points.