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A Song of Ice and Fire LEAGUE @ Mayfair
Jun 25 @ 6:00 pm

Lords of Westeros! Gather your bannermen and launch your campaign for the Iron Throne!

Join us on Tuesday nights for this casual 5-week league. Games will be played at 40 points, and your scenarios will be predetermined.

*When you pay your $10 league entry fee, you will receive 400 MVP points, which may be used for entry to the remaining four weeks of league.

At the start of league, you will receive your league pairings with the other players and scenario for each “week.” It is up to players to set up their games—Tuesdays are the designated league night, but games can be arranged for other days as well.

League Prizes
Prizes for this league will come from the Season 2 Game Night Kit, including:

  • Alternate sculpt Conscript miniatures
  • Alternate sculpt Spearwives miniatures
  • Night’s Watch dice bags
  • Free Folk dice bags
  • Night’s Watch measuring sticks
  • Free Folk measuring sticks

Additional Notes

Players can change their army list between matches, but must play the same army for the league’s duration. For example, you can’t play Night’s Watch week 1 and switch to Starks week 2.

“Week” is a loose term in this league as it is understood that it is summer. Games are allowed to be played outside of the scheduled league day and week if necessary. Games should be played at the Mayfair location, but you may arrange a game at another Board Game Barrister location if your opponent agrees.

Legal units for the league are the units in War Council. If there are releases during league and they are in the app they will be considered legal the week of release. There are no proxy models.


Destiny Standard Tourney @ Bayshore
Jun 26 @ 6:00 pm

Join us for a constructed Destiny tournament!

We will play a number of Swiss-style rounds, based on attendance
Round Time: 35 Minutes
Format: Standard

Prizes will be from Destiny organized play kits! Kits TBD

All Holocrons, errata and Balance of the Force costs are in effect.

RPG Roulette: Wield @ Mayfair
Jun 27 @ 6:00 pm

Welcome to Wield, a fantasy roleplaying game where you play an ancient, powerful weapon and the heroes you “wield” are merely disposable hit points.

Join Game Master Anthony for a mini campaign on Thursdays through all of June!

New players are always welcome! We’ll be starting with brand new weapons and covering the basics of the game before we begin.

About the Game

Tales of “willful weapons” are rife in fantasy literature, and now, here is your chance to play one.

Create your weapon, select the powers you’ll be able to grant your wielders, and become the all-powerful artifact you were always meant to be.

Wisconsin Comic Con (Board Game Room) @ Wisconsin Center (Room 101 C)
Jun 28 – Jun 30 all-day

Hang out with the Barristers as we host the board game room at Wisconsin Comic Con!

We’ll bring a great library of brand new and beloved games. Stop by and play one of your favorites, or ask one of our game room hosts for a demo of something new!

We’ll also have games available for purchase, as well as our selection of Ding & Dent discounted games from the South Milwaukee Warehouse.

Board game room participation is free to all Wisconsin Comic Con badge holders.

What is Wisconsin Comic Con?

Wisconsin Comic Convention is a comic book convention located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the Wisconsin Center. Featured are exhibitors that cater to a wide-spectrum of interests including comic books, magazines, toys, games, Star Wars, Star Trek, anime, manga, cosplay, artwork, sketches and apparel. In addition, a roster of comic industry professionals, and comicdom-related celebrities are in attendance for attendees to meet and greet. As admission is kept reasonable for adults and FREE for children, the Wisconsin Comic Convention is a family-friendly convention.

Magic Open House @ Bayshore, Greenfield & Mayfair
Jun 29 @ 12:00 pm

Don’t miss this Open House event for Magic: the Gathering!

If you’re new to the game, we’ll show you the ropes and send you home with your first deck – free just for attending!

And at 1:30pm, we’ll run a Casual Standard Tournament for everyone who would like to participate!

Entry is 100 MVP points OR $3.
(Not an MVP? You’ll get 100 points—on us—when you sign up for the free club!)


Saturday Open House Locations:  Bayshore   Greenfield   Mayfair


Open House Schedule
Noon: Greeting & Magic Demo
We’ll give everyone a few moments to get settled.
New players receive Welcome Decks
We will run a demonstration of the rules and gameplay of Magic.

12:30pm: Casual Play Time
Take some time to look through your new decks.
Find additional cards in our Community Box and augment your decks.
Then face off in casual matches to see how your deck performs.

1:30pm: Casual Standard Event
Enter in our Casual Event and we’ll pair you up against a series of opponents.
This event is all in good fun, and it’s a great opportunity to see other players’ decks.
Make things even more interesting by swapping decks with your opponent for a round or two.



Learn-to-Play: Principle Dilemma @ Bayshore
Jun 29 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Join us for this learn-to-play event, and play the upcoming game of decisions and deceit: Principle Dilemma

We’ll be running demos of this thoughtful and hilarious game between 1:00PM and 3:00PM, so stop in anytime!

About Principle Dilemma
Principle Dilemma is an intellectual card game which aims to give each player the opportunity to use their creative thinking and moral compass to delve deeper into their own minds, thoughts, and discomforts, as well as those of their opponents.

Make tough ethical decisions, and play Deceit cards to make other players’ reconsider the decisions they’ve made.

Every game ends with the same two results:

  1. The players learned something about themselves, and something about those they were playing with.
  2. They couldn’t wait to play again.


Learn-to-Play—Star Wars: Outer Rim @ Greenfield
Jun 29 @ 4:00 pm

“Far from the shadows of Coruscant’s skyscrapers lies the dangerous Outer Rim. To many citizens, the galaxy’s edge represents a hive of scum and villainy that is better left ignored. But to the scoundrels of the galaxy, the Outer Rim represents the opportunity to become a legend.”

Join Barrister Jeremy for this learn-to-play event, and make your mark in the Star Wars galaxy as a smuggler, mercenary, or even a bounty hunter in Outer Rim!

More about Outer Rim
In Outer Rim, you and your fellow players will take on the roles of outlaws on the fringes of society and set out to make your mark on the galaxy. You’ll travel the Outer Rim in your personal ship, hire legendary Star Wars characters to join your crew, and vie to cement your place in the legends of the Star Wars galaxy!

Comic Con Weekend Gathering @ Oak & Shield Gaming Pub
Jun 29 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

The first-ever Wisconsin Comic Con is coming to Milwaukee—June 28-30 at the Wisconsin Center!

Join us on Saturday evening and meet up with your fellow Con-goers in the downstairs 42 Lounge. While you’re here, explore our vast library of board games and console games!

Bring your Badge!
Show your Wisconsin Comic Con badge to your bartender for $1 Off on our specialty cocktails.

Plus, visit our Barrister team as they host the convention’s board game room!


Wigging Out with Boulevard: Wigs for Kids Charity Event @ Oak & Shield Gaming Pub
Jun 30 @ 12:00 pm

Our very own viking Tony is ready to part ways with his glorious locks, and he’s doing it for an amazing cause! We’re cutting Tony’s epic mane, which will be donated to Wigs for Kids.

Special thanks to our event sponsor—Boulevard Brewing Company—Donations to Wigs for Kids at the event get you free Boulevard beer, pint glasses, and the opportunity to shave Tony’s head!!!

Come hang out on the Oak & Shield patio, join us in supporting this cause, and…

—Donate $10 or more, get a free Boulevard pint glass, while supplies last.
—Donate $20 or more, get a free Boulevard beer in your free pint glass, while supplies last.
—Everyone who donates to Wigs for Kids at the event will get to cut a small lock of Tony’s hair.
—The biggest donation will get to grab the clippers and buzz Tony’s head after the donated hair has been safely stashed!

Can’t make it to the event, but want to help anyway?
Make a donation to Tony’s event online.

What is Wigs for Kids?
Tony is donating his hair to Wigs for Kids, an incredible not-for-profit organization that provides Hair Replacement Systems and support for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, burns and other medical issues—at no cost to children or their families.

KeyForge: ChainBound League @ North Shore
Jun 30 @ 1:00 pm

Welcome to Chainbound League, your weekly opportunity to obtain valuable Æmbershards, which you may exchange for prizes at Vault Tours and any other KeyForge events that feature a Prize Wall.

Each KeyForge ChainBound event is run as a Swiss-style tournament of three or four rounds, depending on the number of players.

You’ll gain one Æmbershard for each event you participate in, plus one Æmbershard per game you win.

Archon Format unless Otherwise Specified

These events will be run as the Archon format (bring the deck of your choice) unless specified as a Sealed event ahead of time.

We will play the Solo variant, so you’ll never need more than one deck per event.

Chains and Power Levels

In ChainBound events, your deck’s wins and losses will be tracked. Decks that are performing especially well will acquire natural chains that must be applied to the start of every ChainBound game played, as well as Power Levels, which will eventually be required for participation in certain events!

Seasonal Promos

These events will also provide you with promos from the 2019 Season One promo kit!


Check out our ChainBound FAQ for answers to your questions!