Stunning Forest-Growing Gen Con Release Available Now

August 15, 2017

Check out this gorgeous forest-growing game from Blue Orange Games, releasing at Gen Con this weekend, but Available Now at Board Game Barrister.

Show your dominance in the forest by establishing the best positions on the board, gathering valuable sunlight, and literally overshadowing the competition.

First thing’s first. You’ll need to select a species of trees, whether you’re feeling more piney, oakish, or willowy. It is now your goal to to make that species flourish and spread throughout the forest.

Your main goal in Photosynthesis is to grow your trees to their full size and complete their life cycle. But in order to do so, you’ll need to invest more and more sunlight into their ever-expanding boughs.

Sunlight is collected by every tree in play – but only if that tree isn’t in the shadow of the trees around it. Sapling trees overshadow one space behind themselves, second-tier trees block two spaces, and so on.

Stuck behind an opponent’s tree line? No worries! The sun rotates around a portion of the forest each turn, so soon enough it’ll be your trees out in front.

Once a tree grows to its full potential, you can remove it from the board and collect the points shown on the spot it grew. Then plant more seedlings and begin anew!

This Gen Con release is available now at Board Game Barrister. Stop in for your copy today!