Barrister Unschool: Growing Logic Challenges

September 8, 2020

This week at Barrister Unschool: Growing Logic Challenges!

Repetitive, iterating challenges are a staple for many solo puzzle-style games—whether you’re moving object A to point B, completing a circuit, or beaming up cows into your UFO 😅 and when done right, they’re incredible for building core logic skills.

These games normally repeat the same goal and rules in each challenge, but the circumstances for reaching that goal become increasingly complex. One of the key elements in these games is that it’s safe to fail, because you can keep trying until you discover a solution.

The genius of this format is that it allows designers to introduce simple concepts and patterns in early challenges. They may seem like trifling Beginner puzzles, but players internalize those early concepts and patterns and continue to use them as the challenges build and grow in difficulty.

Contemporary toy and game creators have taken classics like slide puzzles and the traffic jam game, and run with the idea, incorporating mirrors, lasers, basic electrical circuitry—even some early programming skills.


Andy B

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