Barrister Hugh on Star Wars Hype

December 12, 2015


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Have you felt it? It’s the new Star Wars movie. It’s coming out. And it’s coming out in just a few days. That’s pretty exciting. I was just too young to know how exciting it really was when the last trilogy was released, so I didn’t go in with any expectation. I was also young enough to enjoy the movies from a child’s perspective.

And that is really what makes it so cool. It’s a movie, a science-fiction/fantasy movie but it has something for everyone. It’s got something for the kid who just wants to be engaged in a wonderful world so different and more exciting than our own. It has a cool action hero princess that makes witty quips, and fires lasers like any other character. It’s got a cool, dangerous, foreboding villain whose very image is a pop culture icon of evil. It’s cool that in a world so divided by politics, religion, and some many other things that we can have something that almost anyone can enjoy and come together on. It’s a particular divided time in our history, and it’s a time when we need to find what everyone has in common, and working from there.

That is what makes Star Wars so cool, even the prequels—which so many people hate—focus on that iconic journey and story that is so universal that everyone can experience it. So, a we get closer to Star War’s opening night, and the tension mounts, remember that Star Wars is about having fun, it’s about opening your mind to that galaxy far, far away. It’s about not bothering with how the rules work, or why they work and instead telling a fun, exciting story so that we can all lose ourselves for a little while.

So, whenever you get a chance to see it, have fun. And may the force be with you!

Hugh B.

Hugh B. is a writer, actor, and gamer who just graduated from college. He is currently involved in a web series called Lucky Shot, the debut project of his film company Lost Star Films, LLC. Hugh's favorite games include Smallworld, Takenoko, Gentlemen Thieves, Magic and Dungeons and Dragons.

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