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August 25, 2020

Get Caught Up on Barrister Unschool
“What will school look like this fall?”

We know the question still holds uncertainty for many parents. We also know that for others, the answer is a headlong dive into new ways for kids to learn, whether that’s virtual learning, hybrid in-person models, or a determined pivot into homeschooling.

No matter the case, we know it’s not going to be simple.

With that in mind, we’re getting ready for the possibility that there will be periods of limited and remote schooling, times when kids may need some supplementary materials to keep their minds and muscles learning new things.

Barrister Unschool, for short.

Our Barrister Unschool series features:

  • Industry Insights—Posts and ideas from our favorite educational leaders in the toy & game industry;
  • Barrister Favorites—Spotlights on the learning games, puzzles and toys we love most;
  • Subject Focus—Amazing resources focused on tackling specific area of learning and development, such as reading, critical thinking, or fine motor skills.

We’re aware of the more widely known concept of Unschooling, a form of learner-driven homeschooling. Unlike Unschooling, Barrister Unschool is not a curriculum. For that, we continue to rely on the experts and teachers to do their best with the tools and options they’re given.

Barrister Unschool will keep kids thinking, practicing skills and learning, during a year when a little extra may go a long way.

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