Abyss Modified—The Story So Far

October 30, 2019

Notes from the DM: Abyss Modified is a Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign based on the Out of the Abyss prepublished adventure, so there might be spoilers if you are planning to play that campaign. It has home brew content mixed in to make it more unique and better facilitate fluctuating party numbers found when running a game in a game store. So far, we have had twenty-four characters since we started the campaign in January of 2019, most were people stopping in to try Dungeons and Dragons for the first time or that was the night that fit in their schedules. We play every Wednesday night at the Board Game Barrister location in Mayfair Mall. We are about to play our 28th session. 

Abyss Modified—The Story So Far

Our story started with the party doing a few odd quests involving demons on the surface near Hillsfar and they were eventually contacted by a strange figure known as the Companion. The Companion hired the group to work their way into the Underdark to the drow outpost Velkynvelve to rescue and accompany his ally, an Eladrin mage named Telegar, out of the Underdark. With the promise of great rewards and riches, the party rushed headlong into the deep lightless caverns. They encountered kobolds and strange monsters, eventually finding themselves running into a ragtag group of escaped prisoners as well as their meal ticket, Telegar the Eladrin. The group was being chased my demons and the party ran with their new allies.

The tunnels were rough, drow were chasing them, and demons were running rampant. They found punished godlings bound undying to this realm, strange fish men, accidentally adopted a kobold child, watched allies go mad from demonic energies, and found magic radishes. They made their way to Sloobludop, home of the insane fish men and watched Demogorgon rise out of the water and start destroying the city. The party escaped, but lost a few of their allies.

From there they made their way to Blingdenstone to try their luck with the deep gnomes. They found the city in turmoil as ooze monsters and other problems plagued the populace. They worked with the city leaders and solved a few of the main issues and united the gnomes against their main enemy, the Pudding King. After a large scale battle against oozes, they were victorious and made their way to Gauntlgrym via an old magical portal.

They met with the King Bruenor Battlehammer and were informed their assistance would be needed in three months’ time to return to the Underdark and help end this demonic threat once and for all. The party vowed to return and wanted to head to Baldur’s Gate to deliver Telegar to the Companion. They ended up joining a caravan headed that way, being drawn to help Daddy Fate’s Traveling Menagerie of Magical Monsters. Daddy Fate and his crew captured magical monsters and travel the world seeking adventure and fame. The party was enamored with him and even got to help with one of his shows in the halfling settlement of Thistlebottom. The halfling elder hired the party to investigate an old mine and they found horrible shapeshifting goblin wolf monsters. When they came back, they found the halflings had all been kidnapped by Daddy Fate and his crew.

The party followed and found a hot air balloon to make the journey faster. They caught up and fought Daddy Fate and his minions, finding out he was an Oni, or ogre mage. They saved the monsters and the halflings and found out there was a cross dimensional trade ring they had busted up, or at least delayed. They investigated the Daddy Fate’s magical tent that was much larger on the inside and found all sorts of horrible things. After finding the tents true owner they were bribed with skeletal horses and sent packing.

They worked their way towards Baldur’s Gate, finding a mix of dragon-based distractions and lost nobles, but eventually made it to the city itself. They took Telegar to the predetermined tavern and met up with the Companion. They were talked into signing a contract of continued employment under the Companion, it turned out he was a devil that did not like the demons making an accidental foothold on this world so he sent the party off to deal with this problem. They were tasked with reclaiming six old temples of Mystra hidden across the Realms, they just needed to get their locations from witches.

That brings us through session 27. Stay tuned for session 28!


The Abyss Modified table meets every Wednesday as part of a public weekly Dungeons & Dragons event.
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Rob K

Rob is a Milwaukee based dungeon master, gamer, and ceramic artist. He has been running various editions of role playing games since highschool and adventures in game stores since 2016. Rob has a background in art and mythology and can be seen bouncing around book stores and conventions. His favorite board games are Lords of Waterdeep and Smallworld. Rob is also working on an edition neutral campaign setting based on the world he has been building since 2007. He lives with his wife and two cats.

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