Abyss Modified-Session 33

December 23, 2019

Notes from the DM: Abyss Modified is a Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign based on the Out of the Abyss prepublished adventure, so there might be spoilers if you are planning to play that campaign. It has home brew content mixed in to make it more unique and better facilitate fluctuating party numbers found when running a public game in a game store.

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Session 33

Our adventure started off right where it left off, chaos. Orion failed his first death saving throw and two imps appeared on the scene, one by Godric, the other by Professor Pulldiver. The imps both were confused that two groups working for the Companion both went to the same site and panicked when they saw the dragon and started clawing at the wall of force. Pulldiver’s Delvers took their turn. The Professor ran foreword past Anchor and Thudds, who both stood at the ready waiting for orders, and used an item given to him by his boss, breaking the talisman. Cold motes of unlife filled the two slain dragons and they rose up skeletal and turned on their mother. Thelrum hit Big Momma with a fireball, also melting the wall of ice behind her. When the ice melted, he could just see the form of a shield guardian bearing the same rune on its chest that matched an amulet on the dragon. Dinak continued shooting the dragon and trying to remain unnoticed, which was counterproductive. Drifting Cloud ran into the center of the room and used mass healing word, giving both Xanaphia and Orion a new lease on life, albeit still in a danger zone. Syre still had her magic circle active and attempted dissonant whispers on the dragon, but it resisted the spell. Xanaphia stood up and also blasted at the dragon with magic, having a hard time hitting the target. Haskan charged up to the dragon and missed with his attacks. Godric also charged to meet his foe, blasting with eldritch blasts until he could get into range. The dragon moved closer to the group, engaging them in a rage, a whirlwind of claws and bites, it was bad enough the group killed her children, but they brought them back from the dead as skeletons and mocked her. The group could see that the shield guardian was also taking the hits the dragon was, dampening the blows.

As the party and the dead dragons teamed up on Big Momma she took to the air, knocking a few of them down and damaging them. As the dragon maneuvered a few of the party members noticed that down the hall there were more of the elementals making their way towards them rapidly. Xanaphia lined up a great lightning bolt and fried the shield guardian in the process, damaged an elemental, and angered the dragon further. Drifting Cloud yelled at the Professor that he needed to help out more and the Professor yelled back he was controlling two undead dragons. The elementals surrounded Haskan and Orion, knocking out Orion and wounding Haskan. Thelrum used his sword dancing spell and attacked two of the elementals and the dragon, causing one of the elementals to start cracking, he also dropped the wall of force at the back of the chamber. Enraged, the dragon brought her attacks down on Godric, removing him from the battle.

The party looked on in horror as the dragon prepared its breath weapon again and brought it down on most of them. Godric’s life force left him and the rest of the group became pelted with shards of ice. Everyone was pretty badly hurt and both Dinak and Drifting Cloud became focused on healing, Dinak using his healing spirit spell and Drifting Cloud bringing all his magics to bare. He also attempted to have Anubis help out with some timely divine intervention, but it was not his day. A daring plan was stormed up to get around the dragon and get Godric’s body, knowing that even if they could not bring him back now, he had a bag of holding on him with most of their loot. Orion downed the potion of storm giant strength and ran across the chamber, grabbed Godric, ran about half way back and threw him towards Drifting Cloud. Godric’s body flew and slid on its face about fifteen feet, while out of the range of the dragon, and came to a rest among the party. Drifting Cloud quickly used revivify and reconnected Godric’s soul to his body. Many of the other members of the group had fled out the chamber once they saw how bad things had gotten. They found a staircase leading down with a closed ornate door.

Things were looking terrible for the party, the elementals were closing in, the dragon was wildly sending fog clouds and stalactites at the party between her attacks and trying to focus down on dangerous foes. Thelrum used banishment, and for a moment the party was safe. They watched as the elementals sank back into the floor. Thelrum concentrated on the spell while Xanaphia started blasting away at the throne room dais where she could see gold and some strange metallic sphere under the ice. Spending almost a minute doing this. Haskan sat where the dragon has disappeared and started sharpening his blades, waiting for the beast to return, Orion watched from the doorway just in case. Everyone else was in the lower chamber looking at the door. They pushed it open, it was not locked or trapped and found themselves within a treasure trove of enormous potential. A huge sized staff crackling with energy sat in one alcove, a giant dormant brazier sat in another. The party lit the brazier with their Mystra energy they had gotten from the last shrine. Drifting Cloud called the Companion and asked if it was ok to let the Professor take the staff, because he really wanted it. The companion responded to let the Delvers take the staff and send them to another location

The professor grabbed the staff and it shrank from giant sized to about eight feet long, still crackling with energy. The party decided to send Pulldiver’s Delvers to Thay, not wanting to deal with the red wizards themselves. The party chose to head to the Moonshae isles to the west. We are going to pick up from there next time, seeing what happens when the dragon gets back and how the party gets out of the horde.

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Rob K

Rob is a Milwaukee based dungeon master, gamer, and ceramic artist. He has been running various editions of role playing games since highschool and adventures in game stores since 2016. Rob has a background in art and mythology and can be seen bouncing around book stores and conventions. His favorite board games are Lords of Waterdeep and Smallworld. Rob is also working on an edition neutral campaign setting based on the world he has been building since 2007. He lives with his wife and two cats.

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