Abyss Modified-Session 30

November 26, 2019

Notes from the DM: Abyss Modified is a Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign based on the Out of the Abyss prepublished adventure, so there might be spoilers if you are planning to play that campaign. It has home brew content mixed in to make it more unique and better facilitate fluctuating party numbers found when running a public game in a game store.

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Session 30

The session started with the party getting ready to take a short rest, the strange monsters they fought last time did quite a number on a few of the party members. Dinak, Orion, Xanaphia, Buttercup, Godric, and Drifting Cloud used a few abilities to help regain health and expended a few hit dice. As the rest came to an end a ghostly face came through the door, it appeared to be an incorporeal humanoid and it floated to the center of the room. As the group looked curiously at it the banshee wailed, causing instant distress and knocking Godric back into being unconscious. The group made lightning quick work of her and felt deep booms far lower in the complex. They all turned to see the locked door turn to ash as seven tall lanky robed figures became visible in the clearing ash, behind them they dragged a beholder zombie. Xanaphia threw a fireball into the next room, immolating six of the bugbears instantly. The beholder zombie shot off an eye ray, hitting Drifting cloud, who found himself unable to move. The rest of the party dogpiled the beast and the bugbear, sending it back into deaths embrace.

The group picked themselves back up, Drifting Cloud broke out of the paralyzed effect, healed Godric, and examined the bodies. It seemed the bugbear creatures were living in the southern room, piles of rags and ruined beds and one much larger bed pile filled the space. As the group was exploring another adventurer was sent to help them, an elven ranger named Wolfbane arrived behind them, introduced himself, and began helping them loot the place. The group picked up the morning stars the bugbears wielded and discovered the bodies were desiccated husks, just bits of meat on the skeletal structure. They examined the other two doors on the northern side, one led to a broken portal room with a portal both on the floor and ceiling and the other room had collapsed, rubble burying everything inside with just another one of the bugbears lifeless and pinned. They looked into the last room on the south eastern side and discovered another portal room, this one intact. The group determined the portal would take them somewhere within the ruins, using their arcane experiences. After some debating, they all jumped into the portal.

They found themselves within a well lit and right side up chamber with no doors and four unlit braziers on ten-foot-tall stone pillars, one in each corner. After some goofing around Xanaphia lit them up and the secret door opened in the southern wall, leading into a long hallway lined with shelves and books. Godric attempted to pull one off the shelf and the books all attacked. Dinak used a ranger spell and launched a spray of arrows down the hallway. Wolfbane also launched a barrage of arrows into the corridor, impaling many of the books as well. As the group pushed through the wave of books, Drifting Cloud noticed a carpet on the far side of the corridor and hedged his bet that it was alive. He was right, the rug avoided his radiant blast and engulfed him. the party dealt with the rest of the books, puns flying every which way, and then turned to free their friend from the clutches of the rug, the only issue was every hit against the rug hurt their friend as well. They figured he was tougher than the rug and pummeled them both. Orion gave Drifting Cloud a potion and the group apologized, or at least a few of them apologized for Hurting him. Drifting Cloud licked his wounds as they traveled on.

They used the far door and carefully entered a strange room full of display cases. Within one of the cases they saw a weird pot with a face on it and Godric used misty step to lay flat within the case and take all the things out of it. The teleported back out of the case and the pot opened. There was an imp inside. They gave it some food and asked it why it was in the pot. Ixxon, the imp, explained he was placed in the jar before some kind of accident was to destroy the place. He told them about the really nice bugbear friends he had, his job of organizing the books, and his best friend was a magic rug. The party filled him in on a few harsh truths, gave him jerky, and he offered to lead them out of the no longer flying city. He seemed nice, for a devil, and took to the party easily. They asked if he liked kids, hoping he would be Ralph’s babysitter while they went on other adventures. They asked where the other doors in this room led, he told them one door took them deeper into the city, another led to the golem making room, another led to the living quarters where a few of the nice wizards used to live. They took the deeper door and found a room with medical equipment, two more doors, and a body strapped to a table. the body, which was horribly desiccated, happened to be wearing the same clothing as the banshee they fought earlier. The southern door had still wet blood seeping out from under it. They used the non-creepy blood door. Ixxon told them to keep traveling deeper into the fallen city, they would find the vaults on the lower levels and a way out. The party was excited about the idea of forgotten treasure and a way both out and into the temple, which Ixxon also knew how to find.

Within the next room they saw broken glass cylinders, more doors, and a large sized floating long green angry sock monster with four stringy clawed hands and thousands of razor-sharp teeth in its gaping maw. Godric felt compelled to approach, his steps bringing him right up to the maw of this creature. Before he could be eaten the party launched into action, putting magic and arrows into the monster, a phaerimm, and breaking its magical hold on Godric. Their combined efforts put the creature to rest and we ended there for the night. The party is now level 10. 

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Rob K

Rob is a Milwaukee based dungeon master, gamer, and ceramic artist. He has been running various editions of role playing games since highschool and adventures in game stores since 2016. Rob has a background in art and mythology and can be seen bouncing around book stores and conventions. His favorite board games are Lords of Waterdeep and Smallworld. Rob is also working on an edition neutral campaign setting based on the world he has been building since 2007. He lives with his wife and two cats.

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