What Lies Beneath the Fountain

May 30, 2017

5/17/17 – An excerpt from the adventures of Mayfair’s new Wednesday Night D&D Group! Catch up on the story with last time’s entry!

The next part of the tale I tell, everything I know Elliot told me. I was not there, I was at the Inn. Why? I did not realize how much trouble this town truly was in, also I needed to contact my organization and let them know what we had learned.

Upon reaching the bottom of the fountain, Elliot and Hirgon met a new adventurer. His name was John, a simple soldier. He claimed to fight for what is right, and never back down.

After a few moments of telling him what was going on and why he was summoned to them, they started to explore the cave. It was a dark place, but eerily lit by glowing green vines in the dark, damp under belly. Not wanting to adventure down in that cave alone, they all set off together.

Surprisingly enough, the sneaky Hirgon took the lead. Using the shadows as his cloak, he investigated each corner and made sure his new allies were safe. It may have put him in harm’s way, but the others always had his back.

They found treasure, excitement and horror while they hopped from room to room. Two things about these areas caught my ears, one room contained a Treant, which looked like it was being drained of life. The next was the final room.

In there, in that final room, they caught the eyes of an enemy. It wore a white robe with the image of a golden snake eating its own tail in a sideways eight formation. It summoned a Shambling Mound – a large green rotting heap of living vegetation, mindless but strong – looked at our heroes, and wished them luck. Then it teleported away, leaving our heroes in a fight for their life.

Elliot’s gun had been acting up since it jammed in an earlier fight, but John was confidently making up the difference. However, there was only so much John and Hirgon could take, and soon they were struggling as well. Just as the tide started to shift in the Shambling Mound’s favor, Elliot’s Thunder Cannon went off, killing the mound and saving his friends.

They won, and took the moment to rest. Which is where we will leave them this week.

Until next time . . .

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Theo C

One of the Mayfair Barristers, Theo runs the Wednesday night Dungeons & Dragons group.

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