The Story Begins

May 15, 2017

5/10/17 – An excerpt from the adventures of Mayfair’s new Wednesday Night D&D Group, looking for additional players!

Every story has a beginning. Mine, as it happens, began the day I was transported to a town called Sea Fallside, on the Isle of Phan-Tasley.

However, I maybe getting ahead of myself. My name is Krakled, I am a Wizard Apprentice from an order outside of the state you call time. We watch and make sure everything stays perfect–well, as perfect as life can be. My master noticed something was off, and sent me to Sea Fallside on my first mission. The only information we gathered was that an Ioun Stone was somewhere on the isle, and was likely the root of the issue.

Upon my arrival, I waited patiently. As an agent, we are not to meddle, but carefully guide a select group of heroes through a journey. My master felt two would suffice.

Known by his allies as Elliot, our first hero preferred no name. He was from the future in this timeline. Transported to me just shortly after his tribe was killed by an unknown group, Elliot was always a klutz, but he also grew proficient at mending what he broke.  After the death of his tribe, he applied this skill to make a himself a weapon that would allow him to take vengeance.

Sometimes, heroes do not always come from heroic roots. This was the case for our other hero, Hergon. A roguish Half-elf banished from home for not being of pure blood, Hergon quickly learned to survive by stealing what he needs; but only from those who could survive without it.

Both become fabled heroes in their own time, but as we set off together, they were simply allies in my endeavor. I explained to them why they were chosen; explained the Ioun Stone, how it has the potential to resurrect an ancient evil.

The rogue was shifty, as was to be expected, but agreed to follow. Elliot came along as well, hoping to find clues to who may have killed his tribe. As they followed me out of the alley way, we encountered two knights. Their shields were green and black, and the shape resembled the head of a serpent. They did not notice us–or just didn’t acknowledge us if they did–but Hergon (as rogues are wont to do) noticed a tan coin purse hanging from the belt of one of the Knights.

Hergon was nearly caught taking the money from the bag, but his impressive sleight of hand skills allowed him to sneak the pouch away without the guard noticing. Wanting to remove himself from the scene as quickly as possible, he followed my lead and ducked into the inn with myself and Elliot.

Everything in the inn looked torn up. The bartender had a black eye, and some tables and chairs were in pieces across the stonework. The guards, noticing that the coin purse had gone missing, walked into the inn after we each ordered a drink. After some unfriendly words were shared, we dispatched the guards and hid their bodies so the heat wouldn’t come down on the inn. I found a letter lying next to the guards; an invitation to meet the Lady of the town. I forged a perfect copy with our names, Hergon took care of the wax seal.  Next morning, we met her for breakfast.

The breakfast went as well as it could, considering the Lady had no recollection of inviting us, much less knowing who we were.  Through a bit of casual conversation, we managed to learn of two locations that could hold the key to our quest. Ridgenail was known to be great for mining; they might have had the stone, or a clue as to where we could find it. We were also pointed towards Phorentlas, a town whose borders remained sealed by an arcane barrier created by a wizard.

Elliot, in a slip of the tongue, mentioned the stone we were after, leading to our removal from the breakfast. Luckily we got what we had come for, and departed towards Ridgenail.

At about high noon we arrived in Phoetes, a town on the road between Sea Fallside and Ridgenail.  After a short time in the town, Hergon noticed that all of the townsfolk exclusively used one word replies, and had glazed over looks. I locked myself in my room as they looked for an answer. The source of the problem turned out to be a cursed fountain in the center of the town, which attacked my comrades once they found it was the source of the strange haze over the townsfolk.

After defeating the cursed fountain, it collapsed in on itself, revealing a spiral staircase leading downward into the earth. Hergon and Elliot made their way down the staircase to… somewhere.

This is where we leave our adventurers for this week. Come on back next week to see where the staircase leads!

Join the adventure! Wednesday Nights at 6:00pm – Mayfair.

Theo C

One of the Mayfair Barristers, Theo runs the Wednesday night Dungeons & Dragons group.

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