Special Events for this Week

July 23, 2017

Here’s what’s coming up this week at a Board Game Barrister location near you!

Magic Open House
Saturday, September 16 at Bayshore, Greenfield & Mayfair
Don’t miss this Open House event for Magic: the Gathering! If you’re new to the game, we’ll show you the ropes and send you home with your first deck – free just for attending!

If you’re already a Magic player, bring a friend (or two), and we’ll send you all home with a full-art Walk the Plank promo card from the not-yet-released set, Ixalan (while supplies last).


Destiny Launch: Empire at War
Thursday, September 14 at Bayshore, Greenfield & Mayfair
Celebrate the launch of the new Star Wars: Destiny set – Empire at War! This is a casual event, meant to give players a chance to build new decks and play the new Empire at War cards.

Plus, we’ll have the contents of an Empire at War Launch Kit to give out during the event.


Learn-to-Play: Joraku
Thursday, September 14 at Greenfield
Join us for this Learn-to-Play event! Our event runner, Jeremy, will be teaching this game and running demos until 9pm, so stop in anytime!
Onward to Kyoto! Take command of your army, and defeat every Daimyo blocking the way! March on! To victory! March on! Kachidoki!


Games with Glenn
Saturday, September 16 at Mayfair
Get the most out of our gaming space – stop in and play board games all day with Barrister Glenn! He’ll be showcasing some of his favorites games starting at 11:00AM and continuing until 7:00PM. We’ll see you out on the tables!


Tabletop 101: Mysterium
Monday, September 11 at Mayfair
Join Barrister Jason to learn a popular board game every Monday! This week: There has been a MURDER! It’s up to you to figure out who ‘dunnit in this cooperative game that re-formats the suspenseful mystery of CLUE: Who killed who, in which room and with which weapon? And one of you will play as the ghost of the murdered victim!

Never heard of the game? Great! Then you’re the kind of player we’re looking for.
Next week at Tabletop 101:Codenames, September 18