Special Events for the Week of May 29

May 22, 2017

Check out the special events coming up this week at Board Game Barrister!

Destiny Constructed Tournament
Tuesday, May 30 at Greenfield
Assemble your best Destiny deck to meet and compete against local players! This event is also a great opportunity to prep for the Greenfield Store Championship on June 10. Prizes will include the contents of a Destiny Q1 Organized Play Kit.


Learn-to-Play: FUSE
Thursday, June 1 at Greenfield – Free to Play!
Join us for a night of FUSE, the real-time bomb-defusal game. We will play a couple of learning games, and then, depending on interest, run a casual FUSE tournament. There may even be a special prize for a lucky participant!


One-Shot RPG: Laser Kittens
Thursday, June 1 at Mayfair
Dive into a new RPG – every other Thursday! This week we’re exploring Laser Kittens: As a student at the Knoll Street School for Wayward Kittens, you’ll go on exciting kitty adventures, learn important lessons about how to grow up into an awesome cat, and most importantly learn to control your laser – a unique and powerful supernatural ability!


Game Preview: Roll Player + Monsters & Minions Expansion
Sunday, June 4 at Mayfair
Stop in for a demo of the upcoming expansion for Roll Player – Monsters & Minions! No Roll Player gameplay experience necessary. The game’s designer, Keith Matejka, will be in the store teaching the game from 1:00PM to 5:00PM.


Pathfinder Guilds (New Bi-Weekly Group)
Sunday, June 4 at Bayshore

Welcome to Pathfinder Guilds – a casual drop-in/drop-out style Pathfinder campaign. Each of this group’s sessions will contribute content and flavor to the roleplaying world, but will be a self contained story. This means that anyone who wishes may play any week they wish, and return anytime without commitment.