Special Events for this Week

April 8, 2018

Here’s what’s coming up this week at a Board Game Barrister location near you! 

Pandemic Survival
Saturday, May 19 at Greenfield
Something big is coming. Join us for a Pandemic event like no other.

This high-energy event will immerse 2-player teams in the world of Pandemic.

Plan carefully, decide your attack plan, and confront the infection head-on.

Will your team be the ones to save the world?


Kids’ Craft Day
Saturday, May 19 at Bayshore
Spend the afternoon making crafts and playing games! All of our crafters are invited to pick and design a high-quality woodcraft Decorate-Your-Own item, then get ALL-DAY access to our games library.

All Supplies Provided – Just Bring Yourselves!


Legion League: Operation Gathering Forces
League begins Saturday, May 19 at Greenfield
This league will meet weekly, pitting your forces against your opponents’, and empowering you to build your Legion skills and strategy (not to mention collection) over the course of one month.

Join anytime, and earn prizes just for participating!


Games with Glenn & Louisa
Sunday, May 20 at Mayfair & Greenfield
Get the most out of our gaming space – stop in and play board games all day with Barrister Glenn at Mayfair, and Barrister Louisa at Greenfield!

They will be showcasing some of their favorite games starting at Noon and continuing until we close at 6:00PM.


Bloodborne Game Night
Saturday, May 19 at Greenfield
Join us for Bloodborne Game Night! We’ll play a game or two of Bloodborne and collect amazing loot while we play!

This event features exclusive molded figures, plastic Trophy counters, custom game mats, and tarot-sized Moon Presence Final Boss cards. Everyone leaves with something!


Legend of the Five Rings: Disciples of the Void Release Event
Sunday, May 20 at Greenfield
The Disciples of the Void have arrived… and they come bearing promos and playmats!

Join us for a casual tournament with exciting Phoenix prizes for the newly released Phoenix clan pack. Everyone gets an extended art The Path of Man promo for participating; The Top 8 players receive an extended art Kyuden Isawa stronghold promo; The Top 2 players receive the Isawa Tadaka playmat  (with attendance of 8+ players).