Special Events for the Week of March 20

March 19, 2017

Check out the special events coming up this week at Board Game Barrister!


Pokémon League ChallengePokemonLeagueLogo
Sunday, March 26 – Greenfield
Join us for this Pokémon League Challenge and take part in the first tier of competitive Pokémon play! Get a booster pack for participating, then compete for other exciting prizes. This event will take place over a number of Swiss-style rounds dependent on attendance, and each round will be a 30 minute, best-of-one match.
Standard Format: Legal sets for this League Challenge include all sets from XY-Primal Clash forward.
NOTE: The upcoming Sun & Moon set will NOT yet be legal to play in this tournament.


Mayfair Magic LeagueAetherRevoltLeague
Every Day through the end of March – Mayfair
Join us for a casual Magic League for the second half of March, and make your play for a Planechase Anthology! When you enter the league, you’ll open three packs, build a deck from their contents, and play casual games against other league players. Track your games to receive prizes for your number of games and unique opponents.


Deadline: X-Wing Draft LeagueXWingDraftLeague
Pre-registration closes Thursday, March 23 – Bayshore
Draft League begins on March 30! Every pilot, astromech, salvaged astromech, crew, and title card will be available in a pool. After determining the draft order players will pick cards in serpentine order (picking last in the first round picks first in the second). At the end of the draft, players must be able to field a 100 point list in each of the three factions. Register before Thursday to be included in next week’s draft!


Modern Masters 2017 – Drafts-on-Demand
Any Day – Bayshore/Greenfield/Mayfair
Draft Modern Masters 2017 when it’s convenient for you! We can launch a draft as long as we have at least four players–any time at least 4 hours prior to store close. So stop in for a few rounds of out-of-the-pack competition, and earn MVP points based on your final standings!