Special Events for this Week

April 8, 2018

Here’s what’s coming up this week at a Board Game Barrister location near you! 


Painting Workshop Weekend
Saturday & Sunday, April 14 & 15 at Greenfield
Build your miniature painting skills at our Two-Day Painting Workshop!

Select miniatures from our selection and make them your canvas for the weekend. With the help of our experienced instructor, you’ll spend these immersive 4-hour sessions learning and applying techniques to paint miniatures that you can be proud of.


Magic Open House
Saturday, April 14 at Bayshore, Greenfield & Mayfair
Don’t miss this Open House event for Magic: the Gathering! If you’re new to the game, we’ll show you the ropes and send you home with your first deck – free just for attending!

Whether you’re a new or experienced Magic player, we’ll send you all home with a full-art Llannowar Elves promo card (while supplies last).


Legend of the Five Rings: Battle for the Stronghold
Sunday, April 15 at Bayshore
Begin the battle at this Battle for the Stronghold tournament for Legend of the Five Rings!

  • The Top 6 players from each clan receive alternate art elemental role cards.
  • The Top 3 players from each clan receive extended art champion cards.

At the end of the Stronghold Control contest, one of the Great Clans will have established its dominance—That clan gains control of the store, claiming it as their stronghold until the 2019 Battle for the Stronghold contest.


Learn-to-Play: The Primary
Sunday, April 15 at Greenfield
Join us for this learn-to-play event, and play with the designer of the upcoming presidential election game: The Primary.

We’ll be running demos between 1:00PM and 3:00PM, so stop in anytime!


RPG Roulette: Achtung Cthulhu
Thursday, April 12 at Mayfair
In the Achtung! Cthulhu universe, a band of Allied heroes fight the Secret War against the Nazi Black Sun and their rivals Nachtwolfe. Powered with ancient secrets and terrible Mythos allies, Black Sun and Nachtwolfe are on the verge of unleashing terrible weapons upon the Allied forces. Learn the game during RPG Roulette, Thursdays at Mayfair!


Saturday, April 28 — Free Open Gaming All Day
International Tabletop Day draws near! On April 28, gamers across the globe will come together as a community to celebrate and share our passions—by playing more games!

So get in on the fun, discover some great new games, and maybe you’ll walk away with some goodies and promos for your favorites.

Call for Tabletop Day Event Runners
Bring your passions to the table! This is your chance to spread the love for your favorite games and find folks to play with. Worker placement, deck-building, roleplaying, party games, bluffing, miniatures and social deduction games—whatever you want to play on the international holiday for our favorite hobby!