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Oak and Shield Server

Servers at Oak and Shield have the ability to leave a lasting memory of a visit for every guest who enters the restaurant, and are an integral part of the experience that guests will come to expect. Servers must understand that their actions represent the company at all times. Customers will come to count on their preferred servers for the the high level of service and atmosphere they provide.

Servers report to the General Manager, as they are a key part of the Front Of House team. Servers are required to attend training and team meetings, and are expected to be active in both learning new ways to provide value to guests and upselling to maximize the potential of each guest’s visit.

Servers are expected to work a minimum of 15 hours a week, be flexible with their work schedule, help cover shifts during the busy season and/or when another server is unable to come to work due to injury or illness. Servers are expected to complete their daily, weekly and monthly side work, and lend a hand with other tasks as the General Manager may require.

Successful Servers

  • Are prepared
    • Come to work ready to work, are on time, and put forth a positive attitude
    • Notice when stock of needed items are running low and restock those items when possible
    • Check the 86ed list daily upon coming to work, and note any items running low as they work
      • They then remember those items when speaking with guests, and inform guests of items that are unavailable prior to taking their order to minimize disappointment
    • Write down the list of daily specials if they do not have it memorized
    • Have pens, paper, change, menus, silverware, ready and available before they begin their shift
    • Prep the sani bucket and/or replace when necessary
  • Are friendly
    • Approach guests with a smile, a sincere greeting and offer at least one item that is on special or a personal favorite
      • “Can I start you off with one of our signature cocktails? My favorite is the Samus.”
    • Greet most guests within 15 seconds and all guests within 1 minute
    • Engage in brief, but sincere, conversation with each table they touch
    • Keep personal emotions, feelings and opinions about hot button items to themselves
    • Offers to help other team members in need because it’s the right thing to do, not because they expect something in return.
  • Are effective salespeople
    • Use their knowledge of the menu to make appropriate suggestions / upsells
      • “You know what goes well with the Triforce Burger? I highly recommend the Oak and Shield Brew, as the hoppy character will balance well with the secret sauce on the burger.”
    • Learn about / taste new items and can effectively describe them to customers
  • Orchestrate an environment and an experience unique to a group or individual’s needs
    • Recommend games to customers and are able to explain the game’s basic concept in 1 minute or less.
    • Can accurately assess guests’ needs and provide items that they need prior to being asked
  • Continually educate themselves
    • Attend liquor, beer, mead or wine tastings and trainings.
    • Read recipes, experiment with new flavors, and watch videos related to food and beverage industry trends.
    • Try new cocktails and beers when they are out and pay attention to trends
    • Listen to customer feedback, especially on items they are not familiar with or do not like themselves so they can understand what it is that others like about that item.


  • Arrives on time to shifts
  • Checks the 86ed list daily, makes note of items that are unavailable, as well as that day’s specials
  • Says hello to guests as they walk in the restaurant (and notifies them that someone will be there to help them soon if no one is immediately able to help them)
    • Helps seat guests when no one is at the host stand and is fair about seating in the proper section
  • Greets mosts tables within 1 minute of being sat; all tables within 3 minutes of being sat
  • Cleans and sanitizes all tables as soon as possible after guests leave
  • Takes bus tubs to the dish pit when needed, does not let items overflow and become a hazard
  • Provides checkout to manager in an organized fashion, and only after all side work is completed
  • Has almost unnaturally strong multitasking skills
    • Is able to greet a customer walking in the door, remember the ranch for table 5, bring drinks to table 3 simultaneously (with a smile).
  • Uses food safe practices when working
    • Washes hands regularly, especially upon starting work, when returning from break, returning from the bathroom, or touching anything that might be contaminated, like used customer dishes
    • Does not grip glassware by the rim
    • Ensures that dirty dishes never come in contact with clean dishes
    • Never dumps water into an ice bin
    • Keeps the server station and other work spaces clean, sanitized, and ensures that items that do not belong are away from food and drink items
    • Washes fruit before juicing, wears gloves when cutting fruit, uses toothpicks or tongs to handle fruit
  • Operates in a clean and orderly workspace
    • Puts items back where they belong immediately when not using them
    • Checks the side work list when there is downtime and completes tasks, even if those tasks are not scheduled to be completed at that time.


  • Checks IDs of all customers that appear to be under the age of 30
  • Does not over serve customers
    • Uses common sense, deductive reasoning and conversation to assess guests level of intoxication and take steps to ensure that they are not overserved


  • Uses knowledge of beer, mead, liquor and wine styles to recommend products to the correct customers based on the information they give
  • Completes sales training and uses those practices in day to day interactions with customers


  • Remembers names of repeat customers (bonus: can remember the names of new customers) and uses them in conversation in a sincere way
  • Has a good working relationship with all coworkers and management
  • Speaks aloud intentions and notifications behind the bar (“Behind,” “Sharp!”) and asks for help when needed (“Are you free? Can you take ranch to table 5?”)


Oak and Shield Gaming Pub is a combined effort born from the efforts of Board Game Barrister and 42 Lounge. Both companies value providing community-centric spaces with friendly and knowledgeable staff that welcome gamers of all backgrounds.

The culture and operation of the company revolves around core documents. The successful server embodies and instills these concepts into their actions and conversations with those that they serve. These documents are:

The Oak and Shield Path (attached)

SalesRx — a retail sales and management philosophy by Bob Phibbs. (

The Process Manual — an internal company document containing processes supplemental to training materials.

Employee handbook – contains employment policies and standards

A Successful Server is

  • Eager to puts their best foot forward when serving their customers
  • Does not see requests or questions as an interruption or a burden
  • Engaging when talking about games, TV shows, conventions, and other geek culture items that customers will relate to
  • Welcoming and eager to listen, even when not familiar with a topic or genre
    • Does not “shame” customers who have unpopular interests / opinions
  • Accepting of all backgrounds, races and creeds, does not tolerate hate speech from anyone in the restaurant


Hourly rate of $4.00/hour when fully trained, increased to $6.00/hour with sales goals, plus tips.