Rivals of Ixalan Limited Study Sheet

January 9, 2018

If anyone read my previous article about my New Year’s Resolutions for Magic, you probably saw that I wanted to become a better student of the game. Well, I took down some notes for myself that I think will prove useful in the Rivals of Ixalan Limited format. Here is a list of all the removal/bounce spells, combat tricks, and common archetypes one may see this weekend at Prerelease!

For those who are newer to the game, Limited format is where you open packs at the beginning of the event, and then build a deck to play for the rest of the event. This format comprises Booster Drafts as well as Sealed Events, like Prerelease.

All right—on to the study sheet!

Note: The numbers noting each spell are their respective Converted Mana Cost.

Removal/Bounce Spells

White: Bishop of Binding⁴, Slaughter the Strong³, Blazing Hope¹, Baffling End², Luminous Bonds³, Divine Verdict⁴, Cleansing Ray², Settle the Wreckage⁴, Bright Reprisal⁵, Ixalan’s Binding⁴, Legion’s Judgment³, Slash of Talons¹

Blue: Release to the Wind³, Expel from Orazca², Waterknot³, Crashing Tide³, Deadeye Rig-Hauler⁴, Run Aground⁴, Depths of Desire³, Perilous Voyage², River’s Rebuke⁶

Black: Tetzimoc⁶, Vona’s Hunger³, Reaver Ambush³, Golden Demise³, Ravenous Chupacabra⁴, Impale⁴, Moment of Craving², Vraska’s Contempt⁴, Dark Nourishment⁵, Walk the Plank², Contract Killing⁵, Vanquish the Weak³, Skullduggery¹

Red: Reckless Rage¹, Bombard³, Mutiny¹, Unfriendly Fire⁵, Dual Shot¹, Firecannon Blast³, Lightning Strike², Fiery Cannonade², Repeating Barrage³, Star of Extinction⁷

Green: Plummet², Hunt the Weak⁴, Slice in Twain⁴, Naturalize², Savage Stomp³, Crushing Canopy³, Pounce²

Multicolor: Profane Procession⁵


Combat Tricks

White: Blazing Hope¹, Pride of Conquerors², Divine Verdict⁴, Moment of Triumph¹, Rallying Roar², Sheltering Light¹, Slash of Talons¹, Vampire’s Zeal¹

Blue: Admiral’s Order³, Crafty Cutpurse⁴, Release to the Wind³, Expel from Orazca², Crashing Tide³, Sea Legs¹, Wind Strider⁵, Siren’s Ruse², Run Aground⁴, Depths of Desire³, Dive Down¹, Perilous Voyage², Dreamcaller Siren⁴

Black: Vona’s Hunger³, Reaver Ambush³, Moment of Craving², Bloodcrazed Paladin², Vraska’s Contempt⁴, Dark Nourishment⁵, Vanquish the Weak³, Skullduggery¹

Red: Shake the Foundations³, Reckless Rage¹, Bombard³, Buccaneers Bravado², Shatter², Unfriendly Fire⁵, Sure Strike², Dual Shot¹, Lightning Strike², Dinosaur Stampede³, Fiery Cannonade³

Green: Swift Warden³, Plummet², Aggressive Urge², Naturalize², Verdant Rebirth², Slice in Twain⁴, Snapping Sailback⁵, Crash the Ramparts³, Blinding Fog³, Crushing Canopy³, Pounce², River Heralds’ Boon²


Common Archetypes

UW Fliers

WR Aggro

Dinos (RW Aggro/RG Stompy/WG Midrange)

Merfolk (UG Tempo/Aggro)

Vampires (WB Tokens/Aggro)

Pirates (UB Midrange/UR Tempo/RB Aggro)

Explore (GB)


Ready to put the study sheet to the test?
Join us at the Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease!

Jordan W

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