Phoetes De-weeded

June 12, 2017

An excerpt from the adventures of Mayfair’s new Wednesday Night D&D Group! Catch up on the story with last time’s entry!

After the fall of our party’s latest foe, two additional heroes were called to their side.

First was Diero LeBau, a assassin for hire and a diamond in the rough sort of fellow; he grew up on the streets and found a home within a thieves guild. This guild used him and the talents he developed on the streets to eliminate their enemies.

The second was Praxis. Warm and kind, until one made her mad, she was a barbarian that grew up in a wild clan of werebears. They taught her how to control the rage and her own transformation. However, she needed an outlet for that rage, and had to leave because she believed fighting was her true path. She teamed up with some mercenaries and learned what combat truly was. However, they were not the nicest of folk, and she could not bare to be with them any longer, so she left them to find her own way in life.

That brings us back to the dead monster and our new allies. After a fleeting few moments of messy explanation, they headed back to the room with the treant in it. They tried to bring it back, but were unsuccessful. As far as I can peer into their fates, they were not meant to save it. In any case, the rogue collected a sample from the treant to see if he could later discern anything of interest.

They left the tunnel, and the town seemed to be in a strange daze. After talking with the townsfolk, they discovered the that everyone in town had lost the previous two weeks of their memory. They decided this must have more to do with the fountain, and were able to learn that a nobleman of the region had brought it to this town.

I met up with the party at the tavern and greeted our newcomers. It was while making acquaintance that we noticed a scene at the nobleman’s house. Rushing to defuse the situation, we soon discovered the fountain was not truly from the noble man, but a gift from the king of the isle. To make matters worse, we came across a posted bounty for the heads of myself, Hirgon and Elliot. Luckily, Elliot had been disguised as a half-elf when we were spotted, so the sketch didn’t resemble her appearance in the slightest.

The plot thickened as the magic shop owner could not find anything different about our treant sample. He did say it had some sort of connection to the life force of the earth. With these facts, we moved on toward Ridgenail. Next stop, the Forest of Peace.

On our journey, we ran across some Dryads. They were on their way to towns to post desperate pleas. Their forest had been seized by unnatural creatures. We agreed to help, but they wanted to seek additional aid in nearby towns, so we are going it alone again.

Upon entering the forest, a pack of Dire Wolves fell upon us. After a brief flurry of fangs and fur, we found ourselves once again alive, and much in need of rest. And that is where I leave you for now.

Till next time. . . .

Theo C

One of the Mayfair Barristers, Theo runs the Wednesday night Dungeons & Dragons group.

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