Our Stocking Stuffer of the Year: Slapzi

November 8, 2017

Could a camel roll down a hill? Is a book edible?

Find out in the Board Game Barrister Stocking Stuffer of the Year: Slapzi!

This brilliant little game takes seconds to learn, but gets you asking questions you never thought you would.

Each player starts with 5 PICTURE cards in front of them. These cards are two-sided, and have different pictures on each side, so get ready to start flipping.

Then, reveal the top card in the CATEGORY deck. The first player to find and slap a picture that matches the category yells “SLAPZI!”

That player gets to discard their card, and the first player with an empty hand is the winner!

The real beauty of this game is in the curious category cards. You’ll find yourself confronted with all sorts of completely absurd questions, like…

Brown and Fits in a Drawer? PANCAKES, obviously.

Taller than You Are? ELEPHANT! BULLDOZER! DESK might even work, if we’re playing with the kids.

Not to mention categories like, Has the Same Number of Syllables as Your Last Name? or Shout a Word that Rhymes with your Answer.

The fun just keeps on slapping in this silly category game that you can play with up to TEN players, ages 6 to 106.

Stop into your closest Board Game Barrister for your copy of Slapzi, our Stocking Stuffer of the Year!