New Game Highlight: Custom Heroes

September 12, 2017

It’s time to create your own Custom Heroes in this trick-taking game with a fascinating twist!

At it’s center, this game uses a classic trick mechanic: If one player leads the trick with three 4s, then the next player must play three-of-a-kind of equal or higher value.

Play all your cards first for first place, second for second, an so on.

But here’s where it gets interesting: Say you only have two 4s, but you have a 3 as well. You could play an advancement to your 3 card that upgrades its value permanently to a 4, allowing yourself to play this turn. This is accomplished by sliding your mostly-transparent advancement into the card sleeve that contains your 3. Bam. Now it’s a 4 for the rest of the game or until someone else changes it.

The real beauty of this game is in the advancements that get added to the cards themselves. Each advancement has a power gem color (see Yoshima below) and no card may possess more than one of a single gem. These gem categories are: Blue for right hand items, Red for left hand items, Yellow for buddies and ascended forms, or Green for auras. And check it out, you actually see the Hero possess those items as they’re added. Yoshima now has a power gauntlet on her right hand, a fish in her left, a new starting power level–complete with FLAMES–and the ability to count as double in any play you make.

How could you possibly lose with a hero this strong? Well, as soon as this round is over, we’re going to shuffle the deck and deal again, so you just might find yourself up against Yoshima in the next trick.

Pick up your copy of Custom Heroes at your closest Board Game Barrister location!

Andy B

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