New DM Rewards and D&D Event Entry

February 6, 2018

We love our Dungeon Masters (DMs). Without them, our Dungeons & Dragons events simply would not happen.

And because of how committed and hard-working our DMs are, we have seen more and more players showing up to experience epic adventures and hilarious tales week after week. This is amazing! Until we find ourselves with fewer DMs than can comfortably run adventures for all our players, which is decidedly UN-amazing.

We’ve seen our DMs step up and run games for higher attendance at all of our stores, so we’re changing to how we thank them for their time and energy.

Beginning on February 26, 2018, all DMs at our locations will receive 1000 MVP points for every table* run.

This also means that if you’re currently a regular player, but you want to start DMing, you can also receive these 1000 points for any and every table you run—and help out your fellow DMs while you’re at it! Let us know that you want to run an adventure!

Players, we need your help as well! In order to compensate for their hard work and to provide our DMs with these points, our standard Dungeons & Dragons event entry will now be 300 MVP points or $5.

*In order to receive 1000 points, a Dungeon Master’s event must be on the public calendar, must be running 5E content, and their table must include at least 3 players. Dungeon Masters, please fill out an event reporting form after your session—you will receive your points when that form is processed (normally within one week).  These DM points will be rewarded once per day.