Kitchen Staff

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Oak and Shield Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff at Oak and Shield may not interact personally with every guest in the restaurant, but their actions may have the largest impact on how positively or negatively a customer views the entire establishment. Cooks must keep and maintain high quality standards, in the ingredients they select, the preparation of the food, presentation of the food and cleanliness of the kitchen. As a cook, you will have one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the entire restaurant, as well as an opportunity to creatively express yourself with new recipes, flavors and styles.

Cooks report to the General Manager, but has the added benefit of working under the Kitchen Manager. Cooks are required to attend training and team meetings, and are expected to be active in learning new ways to improve their professional skills while providing a consistent experience for the customer.

Cooks are expected to work a minimum of 15 hours a week, be flexible with their work schedule, help cover shifts during the busy season and/or when another cook is unable to come to work due to injury or illness. Cooks are expected to have an understanding of food safety and cleanliness and always work to uphold high standards.

Successful Cooks

  • Are prepared
    • Come to work ready to work, are on time, wearing appropriate clothing
    • Notice when stock of needed items are running low and restock those items as soon as possible
    • Update the 86ed list as we run out of items, and note any items running low as they work
      • They then communicate low stock items to the Kitchen Manager or the General Manager for reorder
    • Ensure their work area is clean and sanitized prior to preparing food
  • Prepares Food in a Consistent, Timely Manner
    • Move with alacrity, keeping an eye on the clock to ensure ticket times are kept short
    • Follow the standards set forth by the Kitchen Manager and the General Manager to provide consistency in taste, texture, size and presentation for each item
      • Follows recipes exactly (except in the case of a food allergy or customer request)
      • Portions items correctly
    • Cooks food in the way they were trained to prepare it, does not take shortcuts, nor prepare something a different way because they think it’s better
  • Take Pride in their Work
    • Studies recipes and has them memorized quickly
    • Tastes food often to ensure that it is not over or under seasoned, that it is consistent and correct
      • Notices when items are “off,” “taste funny,” etc.
    • Plates items in an appealing way
    • Make suggestions on how to improve flavor, or improve processes when applicable
  • Communicates Effectively with Entire Staff
    • Asks for help from others when needed
    • Notifies FOH staff when items may take longer than usual, or there has been an issue with an order
    • Asks for clarification on special orders when needed, and offers solutions
      • “You noted that this is a gluten free order, but it comes with beer braised onions. Would they like me to remove the onions completely, or would they like to substitute gluten free fried onions in olive oil?
  • Respects Kitchen Space
    • Cleans up after themselves as they work, does not let ingredients or items pile up around them, and ensures that all items are put back in their place when they are finished with them
    • Uses good communication to ensure that others are aware of common dangers
      • “Sharp!”, “Behind!”, etc.
    • Stays on task at their station to complete tasks for the whole team to be successful
      • Example of what not to do: Bob has been assigned to prep. While he’s making pico, he watches Sarah on the grill. He doesn’t like the way she aranges burgers, so he starts lecturing her. Sarah gets flustered and accidentally overcooks a burger. Bob has been a distraction.
  • Follow Food Safety Guidelines
    • Is in compliance with all health and safety regulations within the restaurant
  • Continually educate themselves
    • Offers suggestions, ideas and new recipes
    • Attends trainings, seeks out learning opportunities from others in the field
    • Read recipes, experiment with new flavors, and watch videos related to food and industry trends.
    • Tries new food when they are out and pays attention to trends
    • Listens to customer feedback, doesn’t take it personally, works to make items better next time


  • Arrives on time to shifts, is in proper attire or changes on site, but is ready to cook by the start of the shift.
  • Updates the the 86ed list as needed, makes note of items that are unavailable
  • Is able to lift up to 40lbs safely without assistance
  • Gathers items for that day’s specials that will be in high demand before beginning to cook
  • Gathers the tools needed to prepare or cook items prior to beginning to cook
  • Preps additional sauces, toppings, etc, as needed
  • Uses down time to accomplish cleaning and prep tasks
  • Makes sure to set up the second shift for success by checking stock on all items and replenishing what is needed before leaving
    • Checks in with coworkers before leaving
  • Listens for the ticket printer, fires items as soon as they are rang, and strives to meet or exceed expectations on timeliness
  • Has almost unnaturally strong multitasking skills
    • Can monitor differing cook times on multiple items simultaneously while prepping the plates for those items
  • Uses food safe practices when working
    • Cleans and sanitizes all workspaces often
      • Replaces the Sani Bucket often
    • Washes hands regularly, especially upon starting work, when returning from break, returning from the bathroom, or touching anything that might be contaminated, like used customer dishes
    • Makes sure that ready to eat food does not come in contact with raw food
    • Follows food safety guidelines when thawing food
    • Stores food according to guidelines
      • Example: Chicken should never be stored above bread
    • Monitors temperatures of food and either takes measures to correct items that have not been temped correctly, or throws it away if needed
      • Never, ever serves food that has been held in the temperature danger zone to a customer
    • Ensures that dirty dishes never come in contact with clean dishes
    • Ensures that hazardous items and chemicals are away from food items
    • Washes fruit and produce before prepping or cooking
    • Wears gloves or tongs when working with ready to eat foods
    • Dates items clearly, and checks dates on items before using them. Discards any items that are out-of-date
  • Operates in a clean and orderly workspace
    • Puts items back where they belong immediately when not using them
    • Checks the side work list when there is downtime and completes tasks, even if those tasks are not scheduled to be completed at that time.


  • Works carefully and takes measures to prevent burns and other injuries by communicating with co-workers and being aware of their surroundings, as well as communicating with others in the kitchen
  • Wears non-slip shoes when working
  • Notifies the Kitchen Manager and/or General Manager of potential kitchen hazards that can not be fixed without assistance


  • Has a good working relationship with all coworkers and management
  • Speaks aloud intentions and notifications behind the bar (“Behind,” “Sharp!”) and asks for help when needed (“Are you free? Can you start the burger for table 4?”)


Oak and Shield Gaming Pub is a combined effort born from the efforts of Board Game Barrister and 42 Lounge. Both companies value providing community-centric spaces with friendly and knowledgeable staff that welcome gamers of all backgrounds.

The culture and operation of the company revolves around core documents. The successful server embodies and instills these concepts into their actions and conversations with those that they serve. These documents are:

The Oak and Shield Path (attached)

SalesRx — a retail sales and management philosophy by Bob Phibbs. (

The Process Manual — an internal company document containing processes supplemental to training materials.

Employee handbook – contains employment policies and standards

A Successful Cook is

  • Eager to puts their best foot forward when creating and preparing meals
  • Does not see requests or questions as an interruption or a burden
  • Proud of the items they create and the restaurant they work in
  • Accepting of all backgrounds, races and creeds, does not tolerate hate speech from anyone in the restaurant


Hourly rate of $10.00-$14.00/hour based on performance, experience, and continuing education.