Kids’ Game Highlight: Where’s Mr. Wolf?

March 7, 2018


Mr. Wolf is coming! Help the animals find their own barns before he arrives!

Where’s Mr. Wolf is a fully cooperative kids’ game that builds memory, matching and communication skills.

Work together with your fellow players to help all the animals before Mr. Wolf arrives!

On your turn, you’ll flip over one of the animal tokens on the board. If it’s one of your farm animal friends, find them a place to sleep for the night by sliding them into a matching barn. For example, if I flip a Chicken on my turn, I could put it into the barn showing a Cow, Chicken and Sheep. Now we just need to find a Cow and Sheep to be his roommates.

Make sure you remember who you’ve already put in each barn, because the next time we find a Chicken, we won’t want to double up where we put it. Can’t remember where I put that Chicken? That’s okay – we can discuss and try to remember together!

Now for the risky part. If you flip over a Mr. Wolf token, we have to move Mr. Wolf one step closer to the barns. And if he reaches the barns, the game is over!

When the game ends, check under each barn to see the animals underneath. If we matched every animal on the barn tops, WE WIN! But if the animals aren’t all home safe yet, we’ll have to reset all the tokens and play again.

This game is an amazing learning and memory-building tool for kids Ages 4+. It’s not just about remembering where the Mr. Wolf tokens are, but which animals are already in which barns. Try creating memory tools or songs to remember which animals you’ve already found.

Plus – Each game features four new barns and new roommates for all the animals, so every game is different!

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