It’s time to enter… Arena for the Gods

July 5, 2017

Welcome to the Arena of the all-powerful, where only the greatest mythological heroes fight to please the Gods.

Choose wisely from among six powerful heroes, then bid for legendary equipment and mythical mounts–using your own life points as payment!

Once you’re equipped, you’ll don your gear and step into the modular arena, which presents a different layout of traps and terrain every time.

When it comes time to take action, you’ll roll all of your dice. The faces showing can be used to activate basic abilities (normally less effective), as well as the special abilities on all of the cards you won in the bidding round.

Bludgeon your opponents, speed around the arena and push your foes into the various traps and pitfalls strewn about.

If you are to come out the victor, you’ll need to plan out the best use of your dice to employ your hero’s equipment as well as the arena itself!

The gorgeous game of bidding and combat strategy features 3-D terrain, exciting artwork and heroic feats! Up to six players can enter the arena at once, and most games will play in approximately 30 minutes.

Arena for the Gods is currently on the shelves at Board Game Barrister!

Andy B

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