It’s the Bottom of the 9th

June 7, 2017

Bottom of the Ninth
A Game for Two by Greater Than Games

It’s the bottom of the ninth inning. The Home Team is a single run away from victory, so the Visitors will need to force three Outs before that happens. The batter steps up to the plate, the pitcher plants her feet. Swing, batter, batter, SWING!

Bottom of the Ninth is a fast-paced, interactive two-player duel. One player plays as the Pitcher while the other plays as a team of five Batters.

The first thing that will happen each round is the pitch. The pitcher will secretly select on two discs whether they want to pitch the ball HIGH or LOW as well as INSIDE or OUTSIDE. The batter will then make the same decisions on identical discs. If the batter selects differently than the pitcher on both discs, that’s a STRIKE. Otherwise, the batter has made contact!

Each batter can activate a special ability based on whether they guessed correctly on the white or red disc. The pitcher rolls to see how fast their pitch moves: a letter die that will determine their outcome, as well as a six-sided number die that the batter will compete with. If the batter can best the number the pitcher rolled, they may make their way toward FIRST, otherwise they may be left with a FOUL BALL. And the game unfolds from there, with speedy roll-offs, bringing in the Relief Pitcher, and the elusive HOME RUN!

Sound like a good time? Grab a copy at your closest Board Game Barrister, and step up to the plate!

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