New Artwork Featured in Iconic Masters

November 16, 2017

Iconic Masters releases tomorrow – Friday, November 17. When it arrives, we’ll explore many beloved cards from throughout Magic’s history.

Before we start cracking packs during Drafts and sealed events at Bayshore and Greenfield, I’d like to highlight some of my favorite new art that is releasing in this set:


First up, Restoration Angel. This new art by Wesley Burt perfectly reflects the epic spirit of the original art by Johannes Voss.

Almost literally so, as Resto Angel gets  a “cut & dye” and flips on the Y-axis, and voila! Beautiful new art that invites us to take another look at the classic art as well.




Second up is everyone’s favorite Ravnican, spell-slinging goblin—Guttersnipe.

Looking mean as ever, the ‘Snipe’s still all about fiery redness, but now he’s ready to slingshot a ball of magical pain!

Original Art: Steve Prescott
Iconic Masters Art: Mathias Kollros



And then we’ve got Cryptic Command. This card holds a special place in my heart, as I’ve been known to play Faeries in Modern.

This new art gives a face to the name, as our mysterious mage is revealed. The impossibly voluminous robes flowing in the same patterns as the Command’s magic makes for a gorgeous piece of art that I can’t wait to get into my decks.

Iconic Masters Art: Jason Rainville





Honorable Mentions go to Ancestral Visions and Serra Ascendant. Both of these cards have truly iconic original art, and these new renditions do a fantastic job of representing the originals. Not to mention how amazing they look.

Iconic Masters Art – Ancestral Vision: John Avon
Iconic Masters Art – Serra Ascendant: Howard Lyon

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