Hobgoblins in the Mountains & Trouble at Ridgenail

July 5, 2017

An entry from the adventures of Mayfair’s Wednesday Night D&D Group! Catch up on the story with last time’s entry!

Hobgoblins in the Mountains
When last we left our adventurers, they had just made it to the mountain pass. That is when they heard the noise again.

In their travels, some of their friends had gone their separate ways, but a passing adventuring party was inspired to join their cause: Mina, A wizard. Pip Taco, a monk who dances with the shadows. Ander Hornraven, a human who proved himself a great warrior in the pit arenas. Therai Morods, a tiefling sorcerer. Kriv a warlock spy. Nemo, an elf wizard of the highest order. Saurel, a member of the Bard-barins.

With the seven additional volunteers, it felt like they possessed a small army – exactly as they would need for the ordeals ahead, for the mountain pass had some new residents. Hirgon went up ahead scouting, and when he came back to report a battle up ahead, both Praxis and Ander raced towards the fight. The new magic crew (all the wizards and sorcerers) launched spells. The first to go down was the leader of the group, and after that the hobgoblin strategy crumbled.

Many of the newcomers proved their valor in this fight, showing us just why we needed them. However, this fight lasted much longer than needed, and we used everything we had at our disposal. So we rested. And that is were we had to leave off this week, till next week . . . .


Trouble At Ridgenail
So after the length Battle of the hobgoblins, I rejoined the company and we broke for lunch. As often happens our traveling party, some of our friends drifted off in pursuit of their own agendas and some others joined us. The only new friend was Calloway, a high elf druid. She was not really happy about this, seeing as her and her husband just settled down. Other than that, Elloit returned with Hirgon, Mina, Ander Hornraven, Therai, Diero LeBau, and lastly, Praxis.

The rest of our trip was pretty smooth sailing, aside from a brief scuffle with a tribe of Kobolds. Those Kobolds had some nice treasure on them. After that, our party finally landed in Ridgenail, the place that may hold the answers we need. Upon entering the town, everyone scattered. I myself headed to the Inn to buy the rooms up and the dinners for everyone as I had grown accustomed to doing. I also was there to spend time contacting the higher ups, and see if they had any news.

Calloway and Therai found a library in the town, and spent most of the night researching. This turned out great for us as we got some more information on the stone. As it turns out, long ago, this Isle was the home to a red dragon. This red dragon, apparently nameless, started to become extra greedy and sought other lands to conquer. The goddess Ioun used her magic to revert the dragon back into a egg, then turned the egg to stone, sealing it away. This information, useful as it was, did not give any clues to the whereabouts of the stone.

Praxis and Ander ran to an arena, causing the entire town to join the gathering crowd and watch. While this happened, Diero decide to take bets on who would win. Two of the King’s Black Guard came forward to fight the new challengers. Our two friends won after a quick fight, leaving the two knights to lick their wounds. However, only two people bet on our friends, so Diero won a lot of gold.

The blacksmith of the area approached us and asked for their aide in getting rid of the drow that had taken over the mining cave. Which is the source of materials and money. They agreed to help, and informed the others once everyone was gathered back at the tavern.

In the morning, they all set out into the mine, coming across some guards right away. They easily take them out, and that is where i must leave it this week, till next time . . . .

Theo C

One of the Mayfair Barristers, Theo runs the Wednesday night Dungeons & Dragons group.

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