GlennCon 2018: Schedule of Events

July 6, 2018

Get ready for three jam-packed days of gaming. The GlennCon 2018 Schedule of Events is now available!

GlennCon is Friday through Sunday, July 20-22

Visit the GlennCon 2018 Event Page.

Check out the schedule of events below. Each of these games will have a dedicated, knowledgeable event runner there to explain the rules and answer questions.

*New* Premium Events
As you peruse the schedules below, you’ll note that some of the games are denoted in bold. These Premium Events offer additional prizes and promos for their players.  Because of this, each Premium Event carries an entry fee between $3 and $5. If you’re a Smash Up fan, you could take home the Titans Pack, or if you prefer a Horror theme, join in for the 12-player scenario for Arkham Horror The Card Game: Labyrinths of Lunacy!




10:00AM   Element
10:30AM   T.I.M.E. Stories
11:00AM   Raiders of the North Sea
Noon   Aethaeria RPG
1:00PM   Libertalia
2:00PM   Boss Monster
3:00PM   Colosseum
3:30PM   Unearth
4:00PM   Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
5:00PM   Shakespeare
6:00PM   Oceanos (Premium $3)
6:30PM   Calimala
7:00PM   Magic Maze
8:00PM   Smash Up Titans (Premium $5)
8:00PM   Mountains of Madness
9:00PM   Dice Throne
10:00PM   Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space

*Premium Events Denoted in Bold





10:00AM   Yggdrasil
10:15AM   Boss Monster
10:30AM   Terraforming Mars
10:30AM   Conan: The Board Game
11:00AM   Takenoko (Premium $5)
11:00AM   Chaos in the Old World
11:00AM   Aethaeria RPG
11:30AM   Ascension
Noon   Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga
1:00PM   Star Wars: X-Wing & Legion
1:30PM   Azul
1:45PM   Splendor
2:00PM   Pandemic Survival (Premium $5)
2:00PM   Saloon Tycoon
2:30PM   Great Western Trail
3:00PM   Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League 
3:00PM   7 Wonders
4:00PM   Ultimate Unfair Hogwarts Battle
4:00PM   Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate
4:30PM   Imperial Settlers (Premium $3)
5:00PM   Clank in Space
5:30PM   Yokohama
6:00PM   Mansions of Madness
6:00PM   Star Trek Ascendancy
6:30PM   Smash Up Titans (Premium $5)
7:00PM   Ticket to Ride
8:00PM   Mysterium

*Premium Events Denoted in Bold





11:00AM   Black Orchestra
11:00AM   Vikings Gone Wild
11:00AM   Pokémon Casual Play
11:15AM   Speed Painting Demo
Noon   Arkham Horror The Card Game: Labyrinths of Lunacy
Noon   Savage Rifts RPG: Garnet Town Gambit
Noon   HeroClix
Noon   Magic: Commander Format
12:15PM   Speed Painting Event #1
1:00PM   Kingdomino
1:00PM   Between Two Cities
1:30PM   Photosynthesis
2:00PM   Zombicide
2:30PM   Scythe
3:00PM   Dread RPG
4:00PM   Avengers: Thanos Rising
4:00PM   The Captain is Dead
4:15PM   Speed Painting Event #2

*Premium Events Denoted in Bold

This events and times on this schedule may change slightly between now and July 20, so check back in for updates, and to confirm your event times!

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