Free RPG Day: Schedule of Events

May 15, 2017

Free RPG Day is Saturday, June 16!

Join us at our new location in Mayfair Mall, and jump in on some FREE RPG action—all day!

This year’s event list features a range of RPG systems, from tried-and-true classics, to not-yet-released games—even some settings from local designers and authors!



10:00AM  Dungeon Crawl Classics with GM Glenn
Noon  Genesys with GM Theo
Noon  Aethaeria with Designer Stephen Gabriel
Noon  Teenagers from Outer Space with GM Matthew
1:00PM  Overlight with GM Glenn
4:00PM  Call of Cthulhu with GM Glenn
4:00PM  Numenera with GM Anthony
5:00PM  Aethaeria with Designer Stephen Gabriel
5:00PM  Secret Agents of CROSS with Designer Pete Ruttman
7:00PM  Kids on Bikes with GM Glenn

We’ll see you on Free RPG Day!