Free RPG Day: Schedule of Events

May 15, 2017

The Current Schedule of Events is now Live! Visit the Event Page.

Free RPG Day is coming on June 17, and we are looking for Game Masters. We have siFreeRPGDayx open slots for RPG sessions, and each session is 4 hours in length. Three Sessions run from 11am-3pm and three more from 4pm-8pm. Submit your event now!

This is an event to introduce people to new games, and as such we encourage you to make your game accessible to new players. While you are free to run any game you like, it should be family friendly and open to players ages 12 and up. Pregenerated characters should be available unless character creation is an integral part of the fun for new players.

Big name games like Dungeons and Dragons or Star Wars are perfectly acceptable, though we’d love to see some of the smaller, indie press games get some representation as well. The only major requirement is that the game must currently be in print. We love old games, but we don’t want to introduce new folks to something they can’t get.

If you have a game you’d like to run, just fill out our event form. Make sure to select a slot of either 11-3 or 4-8. All games must be playable in 4 hours or less, and we will be enforcing cut off times.

We’ll see you on Free RPG Day!