Five Uncommons to Watch for at Core Set 2019 Prerelease

July 6, 2018

We made it! Core Set 2019 Prerelease is upon us, and it’s time to break out the angels, wizards, demons, goblins and elves that will fill out our decks for the year to come. Before we open packs and build prerelease decks, let’s take a look at five high-impact cards in the new set.

All five of these cards fall at the Uncommon rarity. They’re not as quite as powerful as this set’s all-star rares, but they’re powerful enough to turn the tide of a game, and because they’re Uncommon, there’s a decent chance that you’ll see at least one or two of them in your prerelease packs.

Let’s dive in.


Herald of Faith
Here we have a 4-power flyer for five mana. Sign me up!

Wait, there’s more? As an amazing added bonus, every time the Herald attacks, it gets us 2 life. So if we can get through to our opponent’s life total, this five-cost flyer means a 6-life swing every time it attacks. Yeah, sign me up twice.




Psychic Symbiont
Again, we have a flyer with decent stats, though this time, its power is only 3, and it costs six mana. Not suberb, but not atrocious.

The real kicker is in the Symbiont’s enter-the-battlefield effect. It replaces itself immediately by drawing us a card AND our opponent has to discard. In game of Blue/Black attrition plays, this thing could be backbreaking.

If ever you needed a convincing reason to hold your seventh and eighth lands in your hand, this is it.


I just did a quick count of the entire Core Set 2019. I saw exactly one creature with indestructible, and two other cards that grant one-time indestructible.

If you see this card, play this card. Destroy target creature.




Volcanic Dragon
Is there anything greater than being 4 life away from finishing your opponent, then top-decking a 4/4 flyer with haste?

Or, conversely, is there anything worse than finally stabilizing against a red deck, then watching your opponent top-deck a 4/4 flyer with haste? Even if you survive the turn, you’ll need an answer before it swings in again next turn. Perhaps that copy of Murder we just talked about…



Skyrider Patrol
This card is just plain slick. A 2/4 flyer for 4 is only okay, but it’s a 2-power flyer that may get some good hits in over a few turns.

Where this card really shines is its ability to soak up some excess mana in the late game to simultaneously buff another creature and make it fly! There is one thing about this card that I think makes it cooler than most other cards like it: It doesn’t have to attack to use its ability. So if your opponent has a Volcanic Dragon at the ready, you can just hold the Skyrider Patrol back and send your flying Gigantosaurus their way!

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