X-Wing: Wave One Championship

November 26, 2018

January 12, 2019 @ 10:00 am

Assemble your top squadron for a new type of tournament: The Wave Championship.

This tournament will mark the end of our Wave One Deluxe events with a day of X-Wing gameplay. Then it’s on to Wave Two!

Registration: 10:00AM-10:45AM
Round One Start: 11:00AM

Event Series
This event is part of a 3 event series for this wave of X-Wing organized play. Your success in each of the wave events will be tallied to determine the wave leader and special prizes after the final event’s conclusion!

Event Format:
We will play a number of Swiss rounds, dependent on attendance.
Round Length is 75 minutes
Player capacity is 32

Event Prizes:
All Participants will receive an extended art double-sided Bounty Hunter Firespray and Gray Squadron Y-Wing card;
Top 8 will each receive 3 metal charge tokens;
Top 4 will receive an acrylic seismic device token;
Champion will receive an extended art double-sided plastic Bounty Hunter Firespray and Gray Squadron Y-Wing card.

In addition, our Wave Leader will be named, based on their cumulative success in all three Wave One events. The Wave Leader will win a double-sided art poster and a set of acrylic range rulers!

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