X-Wing: Thematic Tournament

November 18, 2018

Join in on this 3-round tournament, themed around the Battle of Yavin, where only ships and pilots listed in the Battle of Yavin Scenario in the FFG Squad Builder (Under “Variants”) can be used.

Registration: 11:00am – 11:45pm. Start Time at Noon.

Event Series
This event is part of a 3 event series for this wave. Players success in each of the wave events will be tallied to determine the wave leader and special prizes after the final event’s conclusion.


Use the X-Wing App or the online Squad Builder to see all listed ships.

NOTE: There are no Scum ships available in this event.

Players: Max of 16

Format: Standard 3 rounds of Swiss, 75 minute rounds.

Prizes: Players who win 2 games will receive an extended art R2-D2. Players who win all 3 games will receive an extended art double-sided plastic R2-D2 and Black Squadron Tie Fighter Card.

All participants will receive an extended art Black Squadron Tie Fighter Card.


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