X-Wing Store Championship

May 4, 2017

XWingStoreChamp17On July 22, Star Wars: X-Wing players are invited to play in this exciting tournament and compete for the title of Board Game Barrister Store Champion.

Registration: 10:00am
Event Start: 11:00am

Pre-register Online or In-store at Bayshore.
Online pre-registration will close at at 11:59PM on Wednesday, July 19.

Please Note: Event tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-exchangeable.

Event Format
This event will take place over a number of Swiss-style rounds, dependent on attendance,

Swiss rounds will be followed by a cut to the top players, who will then compete in a number of single-elimination rounds until we have a final winner.

Player Materials
Players are responsible for bringing all of the game components required to play a game of X-Wing. This includes all ship models, bases, pegs, Pilot cards, ship tokens, Upgrade cards, and tokens. In addition, players must bring a damage deck, sufficient dice for attack and defense rolls, a full set of maneuver templates, and a range ruler.

SQUAD LISTS ARE REQUIRED, please bring a printed/legible list or arrive early to fill one out. Print a Squad List here.

Squad Building
A squad cannot exceed 100 points, though it may contain fewer than 100 points. A player may choose to field a Rebel, an Imperial, or a Scum & Villainy squad. Players may choose to use either the original Core Set damage deck or The Force Awakens™ Core Set damage deck.


Store Championship Prizes

  • Top 32 – An alternate art version of the upgrade card Engine Upgrade.  Positioning is key to success in X-Wing, and having the ability to boost into new places is an extremely powerful option.
  • Top 8 – An acrylic full-length range ruler. Every player needs one of these in their kit, and eight skilled pilots will leave with one in their possession!
  • Top 4 – A range 1 and a range 1-2 ruler. Complementing the one players receive for a Top 8 finish, these short rulers are extremely useful during the setup stage of the game, as well as in the tight quarters of space battle.
  • Top 2 – A printed acrylic Agent Kallus token. At the beginning of the game, Agent Kallus selects his target and will doggedly pursue them. This token is a flashy way to designate his quarry!
  • First Place – A printed art plaque to commemorate your victory and a first-round bye card that is valid at any 2017 or 2018 X-Wing Regional Championship!

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